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Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Stuff

Baby... baby.. baby... ooooohhh! This is been I'm hearing with the kids all around, part of a song from Justine Bieber. Well, I am not writing about the though because if that songs is meant for girls mine is for a real baby that I would love to have someday.
Most of my married couple friends has babies now, while hubby and I haven't. We've been trying for quite sometime but nothing happens yet. But I am definitely confident in God's promise that He will give offspring. All I need to do now is wait!
Well talking about babies, I just remember that when you have a baby you also need a ergo baby carrier to carry your baby around. My friend's baby is not born yet and still in his moms tummy but his aunts just love him so much that he has three baby carrier, wow! can't help but wish that mine would come soon too. Thinking that my friend might give me some of her baby carriers. lol!

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