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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A gift for hubby

If I have to give hubby a gift, I would love to give him this watch box that has a glass top lid. I know for sure that he will love this as well even though he is asking me for a soft guitar case.

I was browsing some online cheap voucher and is tempted  to get another food voucher.. but did not cause I'm out of budget already. I have bought some already this month and I'm keeping it just that for now. But looking at some gifts stuff online feels like I'm a girl getting a Boyfriend Gift Ideas for one year anniversary. It feels good to have a beloved.

Watch Boxnline

Hubby has dry coughs

Hubby is coughing pretty hard and he is right besides me.. even though he is not coughing facing me but still I could feel that he's having hard time since its pretty hard and loud. I don't like coughs and colds and I don't like sickness in general. The thought of hospital makes me ill and I hope I'll never be brought to a hospital anymore and not hubby or any of our future kids also.

I know that hospitals are efficient because they are well organized and they also use healthcare carts for medical stuff so to make their work or services be more efficient. Health carts of course helped them make their medical stuff easy to organize and quick to find. This is actually a must have in any hospitals.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Money and Soul

Got this from my church sunday bulletin article:

Cost of Money
by: Connie Hinnen Cook

How much did your money cost you?
Was the ladder of wealth hard to climb?
Did you stage some attacks,
Perhaps stab a few backs.
Did it take all your effort, your time?

How much did your money cost you?
Was your home full of peace or unrest?
At the close of the day,
Could you honestly say;
That you've given your family your best?

Did you have a nice home?
Did you drive a fine car?
Now you're sis feet below.
Will it get you that far?

How much did your money cost you?
Was that paycheck your only reward?
All those hours of pulling strings,
Just to buy you more things.
But no time for the things for the Lord.

How much you money cost you?
Did you look in  the mirror with pride?
Or did greed run a muck?
For that almighty buck?
Till you put your conscience aside?
Did it cost your soul?
Did you dawdle in sin?

Now your outside of heaven, can you bribe your way in?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tried to cook Laing

...but fail :(

I tried to cooked  laing  the other day but fail to get the taste that I really want and tried to re-cooked it three times but still failed.

I also tried to take a picture of it but the room was too dark for my phone camera :(

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My new Cellphone

I love my new cellphone, it's not because its new reason why I love it. I love it because it came from my beloved hubby. I know that it wasn't easy for him to get it knowing that our finances is not getting any better, but still he gets it for in the love of me. I'm not being materialistic here or something its just I needed a cellphone because he got mine.

I just wish I don't need a wireless cell booster now because I believe mine is still good since its  new. I'll just get one when it gets old and needed a booster.

Insurance Information

I think each person needs to be informed about insurance policies or how it works. Many of us are naive about this things reasons why we are awkward to get  one because we don't really know what it is. A life insurance is not only an insurance but also an investment.

There are actually loads of websites where we can learn about life insurance information. Its really good to know how the policies work and get whatever suits you. This thing helps not only us but also our loved ones when times comes that we have to leave them.

Hungry this time :(

I think I need these: mmmm... calories!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Table Rock Lake: A beautiful retreat

A friend and I were talking about visiting some beautiful places down south. We thought of doing this trip through bus ride. Hubby actually does some out of town trips with friends every now and then to escape from the busyness of the city, and our normal way out is a beach place.

We don't have any concrete plan yet about this year trip, but definitely the view would be as outstanding and breathtaking as at Table Rock Lake, and to know about this place better visit table rock lake real estate at Places like this are hard to let go in my mind because I know this is really a great place. If only I could own even just a small space here, I know it would be amazingly awesome. :)

Lake Lots For Sale on Table Rock Lake

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tele-drama and DNA Testing

As I watched "prime time" tele-novelas on a favorite channel, I can't helped myself from being affected from what happen with the drama programs that I watched.  I can't help but react to the drama. Its crazy to think though that I felt bad about the main character if he's being bullied or being hurt or something.

On one of the tele-drama program; there was this kid that has been separated from her rich parent for along time and was adopted by a poor gay teacher. I was thinking on how could she ever be reconnected with her parents anymore now that things are so complicated.

Well  if this happens in real life only through DNA testings that has been conducted by dna experts of course a parent and a child be reconnected again. Things like this really helps a lot specially with crime cases and other family legal matters.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PR went down :(

Honestly: I was quite disappointed when I saw my page rank went down. Well, I can't blame anyone but myself. I got so busy these past few weeks and was tired and lazy enough to do any  blogging and dropping. Yes, I do visits my blog every now and then but that's it.

Also I was not able to post any interesting and good topic cause I can't think of anything.  I wonder though how google rate a blog site. What's their criteria's and everything. How often they do the rating thing-y. Is it about the visitors you have in a day? or the post you make? or the comments you receives. I don't know and really appreciate if someone would tell me how things goes.

We may all have a lovely day.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's Final

Six months ago he told us that those who are receiving a monthly allowances will no longer get any because of cross cutting thing-y. So hubby and I prayed about it and let God be God to our needs. Months after months hubby's allowance was still on, and we were very much thankful. But the time has finally and he won't get any allowance from the office starting this month.

Honestly, we area bit worried because the amount hubby gets part a big part of our monthly budget, and now that it's gone only the Lord knows where on earth we would get it. But I have faith that He will never leave us-even in this time of financial struggles. I know He will help us keep us through. If I could only do a payday loan without worrying how I could pay it after I might have done it.

Hopefully the saying that goes "when God closes doors, He will open many windows". I hope that the Lord will open may windows of financial opportunities with us. :)