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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm his number one fan

This hubby playing with his band during the praise and worship time of last week prayer conference. He is a good lead guitar player and of course I'm his number fan and the rest are his family and friends (proud wife here :d). Hubby loves guitar in general, if he only have a lot of extra money our house is probably full of guitars. 

And one thing more,  don't mess with his guitar if you want to be friends with him, co'z no matter how close you are as friends, he'll get annoyed of you and you will be marked x forever (joke!).  This year he got two guitars, one acoustic and the other is electric, both are not brand new though but still... those guitars belongs to him now.  If he happens to see these Vandoren Reeds, he'll probably would tell me " hon, these are gorgeous and I think I want one!".
hubby and his guitar

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The husband in orange t-shirt

Hubby got two t-shirt for free (hopefully though, wish no one would approach him asking for payment. lol!) during the conference we had attended in Cebu. He liked the black t-shirt than the orange one. He said wearing it felt like he is one inmate or a street food worker. So after wearing it he told me if I like it I can have it or else he'll be giving it to someone else. Of course I took it co'z if he felt like wearing a funny tshirts when he wears them, well, I don't feel the same co'z I know it will look good on me, specially when I lose a little weight ").

Here he is posing with his guitar and orange t-shirt. I actually don't think he looks funny co'z to me he look gorgeous!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pork Dumplings for Dinner :)

It feels like hubby, my baby and myself are having diarrhea after our trip. I hope and pray though that my baby will be okay soon or else we'll be heading to her pedia again and going there means a waste of precious cash that is so much needed by us.

Since I don't feel like eating and of course there is no way as well that I won't prepare anything for dinner since in-laws are all looking up to me for cooking when I'm around, so I think of a dish that I would enjoy as well and nothing is more mouth watering than the thought of having dumplings for dinner. I search online the recipe and the know how.

Dinner is over and my dumpling was a success even though it was my first time to do it. Well, I think I enjoyed it the most co'z I have eaten a lot than expected.

here's how: mix all ingredients in a bowl (ground pork, egg, minced onion leaves, grated ginger, minced garlic, minced cabbage, salt and pepper to taste), then wrap it with wanton wrapper and put on a steamer and steam  ed for twenty minutes. Try it with soy sauce and kalamasi as sauce. Yummy to the max!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It is finished :)

I have two friends who are sisters and I can really say that they seems like a sister to me. With them I can be myself with no pretention at all, with them I can think loud and I'm thankful that the Lord have given them to me, and of course I love them as my siblings. We lived for over four years before the Lord called us to missions of our own, we stayed at the same roof  at the same room and showered together, ate at one plate, slept in one bed and most of all believe and worship on the same one God!

Last week my girl friend (one of the sister) told me over a text message telling me that her house was messy because her floor is being tiled of and even suggested that when we get our new house we should make sure to put tiles on the floor first before moving in, I got annoyed by her suggestion because hubby and I suggested that thing first with her so that it would not be hard for her but she did not listen and continue her moving in in spite of no tile  floors yet. So when she said that it's too messy and dusty, it got me annoyed and told her back saying "I told you so!". She did not text back and so I presumed  that she was annoyed as well.

Well, I saw her at church this morning and she greeted  me with all smile telling me that her house looked nice with its new tiles. Of course I'm happy when I saw her happy and proud of her success. I hope that her next project will be putting a garage floor tiles co'z I know that soon enough she'll  have her car.

I pray that I'll be next too :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sad and Sudden

Almost three months ago when we were about to move to our recent house when I got into a "not good talk" with our new neighbor. I wasn't prepared for "not nice" neighbors then because our former neighbors were friendly. So it got me so annoyed that my lady neighbor to be gave me a bad impression, and so, as we moved, we automatically (though not purposely) create an enemy... and it made me real sad :(.

So bad rumors about us spread and I have a plus plus plus sadness because I'm a Christian here and supposedly trying to get friends but whenever we come out of our house their eyebrows went up. I was so annoyed to the max that it took me awhile to find courage and strength to finally accept the fact that I need to forgive and love them no matter how bruised my feelings would be.

Then came a news that the lady's mom's had stroke and finally died. I'm sad that things happen so  quickly and that I wasn't able to even make friends with her and now, she's gone, forever.  The good thing though about this situation was, I was able to visit and extend my condolences and finally say hi with a smile to the grieving family including the lady who said nasty things about me.  They told us that if only the doctors did not assume their mom health issue and if they only had medical equipment to use as first aid as they were waiting for some medical professional to help them, maybe, just maybe things would be different now.

Yet now, their mom had left them for good now and that's remain from her  was their pond memories  with her. My heart goes to the lady's son who has sickness in his very young age and it was his grand-mom who really takes care of him and now that she's gone his life would be different and gloomy.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Samu't saring Pictures

We had dinner at an all-you-can-eat (eat all you can) restaurant in Glorietta Makati City.  Since it was an "all you can eat" resto but my in-laws just ate a little probably costing a less than one hundred pesos. The amount of the  all you can eat food promo was three hundred ninety-nine and yet they ate little.

Igi with his rice, pansit and dinuguan sauce :)

Lara with rice, sisig, dinuguan, chicken adobo :)

Lian.. same with Lara but with some Japanese food :)

..and these were mine :)
 (don't be fooled co'z I took another plate round, hahaha)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pancake (my blog entry for the today)

I was craving for something sweet yesterday morning for breakfast but there's nothing in the table and even inside the fridge. So I looked inside the cupboard to see what's in store there for cooking. Then I saw a box of ready to cook pancake and so I took enough courage to cook it since I really am a not good cook when it comes to pancake.

Here's a picture of my yummylicious pancake :)

Here's how: mix 400grams of ready to cook pancake mix with 2 eggs, 1/4 cooking oil, 240ml cup of water. grease pan with butter, then put of 1/4 cup of pancake mixed.
You can also add any add on you like, as for me I added chocolates and almonds!
I love it!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Squash soup and instant noodle with papaya

I don't really feel like cooking this morning and so I told hubby to cook instant noodles for lunch. I was hoping though that hubby would cook co'z he suggested of something to eat, but unfortunately after suggesting, he told me to cook. So I was forced to cooked for lunch and these are what I've got :

pumpkin soup (squash soup)
squash, carrots and egg

noodle soup with papaya and chicken bits
chicken, papaya and instant noodles

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's too hot in here!

I need to shower before going to bed and right after waking up co'z the hotness is driving me insane. I need to focus the fan on me knowing it's too selfish to do that, but what could I do since I sweat really bad. I actually have asked hubby if he could buy us an air-conditioning but the answer I get was "no" or probably what he meant was "not yet". If I only have the money to buy it, I probably had it without telling anyone I bought it. That's desperate I am.

My room is tidy everyday because I don't want it to look untidy co'z the untidiness  just add some warm feeling, and looking at a messy room make me sweat terribly. My room may not look very nice and my bed would not look like one either but I rather have it than having a cozy bedroom but very messy. If hubby could only buy me and air-conditioning plus a bedroom vanity set life would very good and coming to a nice bedroom is really something you always look forward at the end of the day.