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Friday, August 31, 2012


I pray that my day would be colorful as the fruit salad below. May it be filled with good things, good feelings, good friends... and everything nice today.

(photo not owned, just copied from a friend's facebook wall post.)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chilled Mushroom (Mushroom express)

To those who loves hot food. 
This one is for you.

Saute bacon (amount depends on you) with onion and garlic using butter. 
When the bacon is almost brown in color add in the mushroom.
Cook in three minutes then serve and enjoy!
It's easy as that :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

can't help myself and post this

Need a printer

Hubby's sister was mad because she was asked by her mom to do her younger brother homework. She made a research about a map and she needs to go to an internet cafe to print it co'z we don't have one. I just don't understand why my hubby's youngest brother doesn't want to do his school assignment. He always asked his mom's helped to do it knowing he's eleven years old now and should be doing things on his own.

I really wish that we'll be bale to get a printer co'z not only hubby's siblings needs it, we too, needs it co'z hubby needs his outline printed whenever he has a preaching slot at church. It will be good to have a printer that can print a dymo address label co'z we might need that when we have a house church. Thinking of planting one where we live in God's time.

I do wish and pray that the Lord would not only give us a printer but would also give me cash for sister in-law tuition fee. :)

Just read... and think!

Selah Band website

Everything happens for a reason-this I believe is very true. My hubby and his friend (who is also his band mates) started their music recording almost three months ago and they planned to record twelve songs but up to now they only finished three or four songs and there's six songs more to go.

A lot of things happened already. The song master's wife brother died over a month ago and just recently his dad passed away as well. So their recording was kept on being canceled or postponed. I wish they could create music websites or just a website for their songs and their band (could be a "Selah Band" official music website). I promise to promote it and visit it often. :)

Loving this verse

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

T-shirt designs

My team leader announced a month ago about a t-shirt design contest. Part of me would like to tell hubby to send designs knowing he is artistic. Who knows his design might get through, but I know hubby would not do it co'z he has friends who really make t-shirts designs.

I really find it very interesting to see people do a t-shirt printing specially when you personalized it. There are loads of customized t-shirt printing these days everyone can find like custom t-shirts at Or you can even find it also in malls. But if you want one and but no time to go shopping for it just go online then and you'll find a bunch.

Just think of it

Going for a Desktop

Thinking of getting a desktop when we move to our new house is quite tempting. Actually I've been wanting to get a desktop since I get married. But I cannot let go of my netbook as well. It's good to have one when I just would like to lay down on my bed or just sit in the couch or simply traveling and browsing. I can't even believe myself why I have pledge my netbook to in-laws knowing I soo need it.

Well, this netbook of mine is just a year old and yet it's too slow to open files specially when it's just turned on, it would take three minutes before you can fully use it. I believe that it's because of the applications I have downloaded. I really think I need a pc tuneup to get this baby run smoothly again.

I really wish I could get a desktop soon.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Christmas is coming soon

It is coming very soon and I am both happy and a bit worried. I like Christmas atmosphere and I like how people are being kind and giving. But what makes me worried is because I know some people are expecting gifts from me (specially my godchildren and family). My fear is... that I might disappoint them again just like last Christmas where we were not able to give gifts because we don't have budget.

So this time I pray that I'll be able to give a gifts to them and we'll able to get personalized xmas ornaments for our house too. Hubby's mom just told us the other day that we should put on Christmas decors as early as September so that we could enjoy it longer :).

I'm afraid that we will frustrate her co'z there is no way we will be doing that!

God will make a way

Oh rain please leave

It's almost a month that rain and flood caused most Filipino's hard times. The typhoons just love visiting us. I hope the map coming to us will be tear off so that they won't find it's way here. I pray that God will bring them to a place where there is no people and no one will be harmed.

Strong wind was banging our windowpane last night. At first, it's hard to sleep co'z it was loud and the fear that the rain might come in again just like the way it came when typhoon "gener" passed by. it flooded in our room. I just don't know though if putting a window toppers would help keep the water rain from getting inside.

I really pray that the rain would stop and my "kababayan's" will be able to get a normal life again.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Making a small place spacious to look at

Actually I have hard time thinking on how to make our small place a little spacious to look at. I love spacious places, but my house is not like that and I don't like it and there's nothing I can do at it this time, much that I want to renovate it but just can't co'z where out of budget.

I don't even know where to put the cabinets specially now that some store are offering discount cabinets that are really nice and the quality is good as well.

I really hope that things would come out good!


Hubby and went to the area where our soon to be house was/is being built. We've been meaning to go for a visit for the past months but something always comes up that need to prioritized, so the planned visitation was being postponed again and again and again... until I got so upset then he finally find time and prioritized our visit.

If we only had written down the plans we have to beautify our place, there must be a tons of it. If only winter takes place here in the Philippines I probably have bought a corner fireplaces to warm us up during cold days. On the other hand though I am not wishing any snow here co'z I know a lot of my co-Filipinos will suffer from it. I just want to experience when I'm outside the Philippines or go holiday with places that snows.
Hubby and I was in this place two years ago. 
I'm very glad to see this again and to know that there is a beautiful falls aside from the many others that I haven't seen still. This just means that I need to go back there again. hahaha.

Silverton Falls. Another amazing little hidden jem from God. Off the 1A between Banff and Lake Louise

Saturday, August 11, 2012

car repair

The monsoon rain has stop pouring down. It also stop the water from rising and causing flood almost all over the Philippines. It did left its ugly mark that most Filipino's dreaded, it actually left some devastated.

There are loads of houses, cars and other expensive stuff that still submerge in flood water even though at some place the water had subsided. I know that most flooded cars can't be use again co'z its forever broken and can't be fixed. But some are lucky enough to get just some minor repairs or others just needed a new cover set or honda seat covers to make their car new looking again.

 I would probably cry the longest when my car get flooded and won't run again (just thinking if I have one though, but I don't have any yet).

Fourth Wedding Anniv.


Business Opps.

I've been praying and looking and planning for small business opportunities. I've been telling friends whenever I could think of one. In fact I have started doing small business with friends but it didn't really prosper probably because I'm not ready in terms of capital maybe.

I was looking at some tv program about small food business. Looking at it kind of tempting to venture to such. What hinders me though is I cannot do it alone, I need someone whose passion is cooking food and selling it. I can cook but I am slow and very shy to promote advertise my product. I can actually do a small catering business specially that is it easier to get  catering supplies these days. I can do other things too but what really my hearts desire is to put up a small cafe business where coffee is my main product.

My cousin

I don't know how she dis this... but I like it.


I am glad I don't belong to a rich and famous family. Those that can afford anything under the sun with it comes to money matters. I do believe that those people who has more has more secrets too.

My family are poor but not really the poorest of all. We are kind of first level poor if there's such thing as that. But even though I lack of most things, I'm happy that I don't have identity problems, unlike with some people specially who has money, they need some paternity tests just to make sure they belong to such family.

Well, the world may get all the materials things I have but I won't let go the true richness, the only treasure I have... that is Christ Jesus that is in me :).

Friday, August 10, 2012

A mom's love

In 50/50 status

I was thinking of  the going  out of the country trip we're planning these pas few days. My family is planning of joining a prayer conference our mission organization is hosting this coming October.  Actually I am kind of worried because we don't have the money for it. We planned of saving some amount  but it's hard to do it co'z  we don't have much and the little we got is just enough for the needs we have. I don't know... but I really wanted to go. I'll just trust in the Lord co'z if He wants us there he'll provide for us.

I cannot help but think of out trip to Macau three years ago. I really love it, I love the hotel where we stayed at and love the place where we went. I also like the dancing fountain in the park or probably it was one of the five star hotel park. If only I could have an outdoor water fountains in our house I probably get one. But sad to say I can't co'z our yard is small and there's no room for an outdoor fountain.


Hubby is getting a new cell phone

Hubby and his sister is kind of arguing but really not, their voices are high kind of shouting but really not. That is only a siblings way of loving each other. But when people outside could hear them, they probably would thing their fighting.

Actually... the topic of their loud discussions are cell phones. Hubby is thinking of getting a new cell phone co'z his is old and almost busted, while mine is new but has a poor cell reception and that is annoys me. I am giving my new phone to hubby but he won't take it too, he said he'd rather get a not high-tech but brand new one than getting a high-tech one but poor in cell reception.

With God's help

Token: for remembrance

Looking at some customized coins made me think of giving it out  on special occasions as a token of remembrance of the event. I don't have any event coming though but I know there's more coming soon. If I have only thought it before my daughter's first birthday I probably would have consider.

I think that handing out personalized coins is better than giving out other stuff, but I do love the ref magnet that my friend makes.
Probably in my silver wedding and that is still a long time in the making.

My sis in-law is in the list proud of her. :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Looking for this?

Three more months and it's Christmas season again.  I know that more are saving money for such time. The spirit of giving and forgiving will abound again. And as for me, I'm loving Christmas and I am more excited this time specially now that I have a little girl that would exciting to open gifts.

I remember Christmas three years ago when a team of Americans came to join in us in our ministry to give Christmas parties to a lot of Filipino children (who are in our ministry). One of the team leader were wearing a compression stocking and we take extra effort so that he won't get his legs wet.  I love the man so much even though a lot of people thought of him a very hard man, but hubby and I just love him so much and we look forward of seeing him again this year.

Well, if you guys are looking for this item item just browse online and you'll see a lot.  

For Some

The sun is out and is smiling brightly at us.
I know that most of Filipinos are rejoicing specially those who are staying at some evacuation area who really misses home... but actually where is... home for them?

I was watching news on tv two nights ago and I could see floating houses, actually those houses are being taken away by strong currents. How would you  feel when you left your house and it was still standing there, but when you come there's nothing in there anymore not even a trace of it.

For some they're thankful that only a house has been taken by the flood but others are grieving because it has taken their loved ones and they are not only planning a funeral but is doing it. There is no more devastating feeling that seeing your beloved inside a coffin.

can't help myself

I could tell that I'm only a human being weak and battered by life. Due to needs I can't help myself wondering what life would be if I choose to work secular instead of giving my life full time to the work of Jesus Christ. Sometimes I wonder how would it feel to sit in a desk with your name on it or having someone find you a name plates for desk co'z you are a very important person  is such company.

But every time these thought wander in my mind shame comes to me to. For I know in myself that what I have experienced in my life a mere employee would never experienced. With all those paid vacations, good life, good food and good friends. For sure I won't get all these through working in a secular company.

 I praise God that He chose me to be His employee and I know that I have a desk with my name engrave on it in heaven.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Think... this is Yummy

Saw this from a facebook friend wall post. 
And it looks yummy.
I put this here to remind me that maybe I'll do this... in one of these days.

Crispy prawns and scallops with tropical fruits in sesame dressing

Friday, August 3, 2012

Beautiful wedding bond

The moment I saw this ring on it's online store, I can't help but wish ours are like this. This is really a cool wedding ring specially with engraved God on it. 

Hubby and I are thinking of renewing our vows when our tenth anniversary will come and it's no sooner than six years, and I hope that the six more years are enough time for us to see things in our marriage God's way and hope too that during this time we'll be able to prepare ourselves and money for this said event.

Thinking though too that hubby will get us a scott kay cobalt  wedding bond just like the one below.
Men's SK Cobalt Wedding Band 9mm

Grandma's and grand kids

I was browsing through my facebook page when I saw this beautiful poem. This made stop, stare, read and smile. I can't help but imagine myself with my grand kids when my time comes. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A ballet dancer?

We were watching some tv show the other day and out of nowhere hubby looked at our daughter and said that he would send our daughter to a ballet school if she's interested in learning ballet dancing. Of course as a mom I was happy and proud to hear that knowing it came form him. And knowing hubby he'll really make things possible for our daughter. He's the best daddy in the world for me.

Well, ballet dancing is not really my choice for her but if it's what she want... well then what could I do. I probably would give her a nutcracker ballet jewelry to encourage her. I know she'll be happy to have that jewelry.

This made me cry...

..for a lot of reasons. I felt like I'm being judge.