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Thursday, April 26, 2012

SELAH band

My hubby's band is in need of...

... a "Home Studio Recording" to use for their recording. Hubby's band mates are all church workers and as a church worker they don't get much money, but I am not saying that they are not blessed because they may be lacking in financial thing and other material thing I know for sure and a witness that they are truly blessed because the Lord never forsakes them.

Anyhow, to those who have more in terms of financial and has a heart in helping Christian bands to pursue their dreams and would like to donate some of these: interface(AUDIO BOX USB)=149.00 USD
2.condenser microphone(MXL 990)=139.00 USD
3.monitor speakers(PM0.4n Powered Studio Monitors)=159.00 USD
4.mic stand and mic cable=50.00USD
But if you buy this altogether in a promo package it just 319.99 USD.

You could also include a Roland Drums co'z the drummer is in need of one also for as we know though he can use the church's drums but he can only use it at church but when they are invited outside of church he can't bring it with him which is really hard for the band to do concerts.

Their band's name is "SELAH"-this band sings and worship lead whenever they are called/asked to do so. One of their dream is to do concerts outside the Philippines. When this things happens, it means fulfillment of a dream and a promise. These band/team are not regular outstanding people co'z each one has an amazing/life changing testimony of how the Lord has change their chaotic and hopeless life into a meaningful one. 

Please contact me :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thinking of bundling

I have installed a lot of software in my computer actually in the hope that I'll be able to earn more from my online job. Yet in my pursuit of getting more it seems my computer is getting slow, so slow. It actually irritates me whenever I turn my computer on co'z it takes ages sometimes like five minutes before it totally good for doing business. Just imagine if I'm in a total hurry and just have a minute or two to get files in my computer and yet it's not opening up, imagine how it drives me crazy.

Hubby is thinking of uninstalling some unusable softwares in my computer and I might let him do some very soon though, and if my comp is free of some space I might again see this and do some bundling installing and let's see what's this software has for me. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012


*Friends just went home: they came home with us yesterday evening  and stayed for the night co'z they missed their God daughter whom they haven't seen for a long time.

*I'm about to take shower again co'z I feel really hot and sweaty (not to mention though that I just had my shower like three hours ago and now I want to do it again).

*Is craving for a chicken joy. So hubby and his sister went to buy a bucket of it for dinner. My tummy is grumbling as I wrote this post.

*Lara (sister in-law) just got back for doing a scholarship test in TIP. Now, we are really hoping and praying that the result will bring good news. Without the scholarship, sister in-law will not able to continue a college degree. She hope she'll able to pass the Accountancy full scholarship from TIP. Accountancy was not really her first choice of course nor the nursing course even though wearing a nursing uniforms is really a fashion, but she applied for accountancy scholarship anyway, in hope that she'll able to get the full scholarship.

*My body is aching specially my back part. I really feel that I need a good whole body massage. I just don't know though when this thing would happen.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's help them win!

The Bike

This bike's picture below is of hubby before we got married, this was given to him by our beloved youth pastor at church to helped them visit people specially the youth. It's really hard to do visitation ministry with this kind of weather hot and humid. Praise God for the one who sees the needs of his workers and does something about it.

This bike is now in the hand of my in-laws, and since no one really needs it for now, it's just resting in front of our house waiting for some one to cleanse her and use her. Wish we could get a bike rack at bike rack at  to park bike while no one uses her yet.  This bike is rusty already and  has flat tires. So sad I know. :(

Sunday, April 15, 2012

College friends reunion

The hubbiness and yours truly met up with college mates last night at Robinson's Place Manila. We haven't seen each other for a long time and in fact the last time we saw each other was at my wedding almost four years ago, but one of them we saw six years ago.Last night  feels just like one of those college days we have. We really haven't change that much, we only look older and maturer, but our attitude towards each other didn't change at all.

We went to Racks restaurant for dinner and we ordered a food package for 6 courtesy by Juber my friend who just came from Dubai. The food was great and also the fellowship and the great loud laughs we have. We almost not able to consume all the food co'z there were loads. They even teased my sexy hubby because he was the only thin person among us six people. My friends even pleaded him to eat more so to help us not to eat more which was very funny.

It got me thinking though the negative and positive effect of being thin and chubby. When you are in the minus size people make fun of you when you are around plus size people, and its the same thing when you are a plus size and around the minus size. How I wish hubby could indeed do some working and some myotest as a supplement to bring his body to the next level. Lol! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Family bonding

Family went to church together last Sunday, then went straight to jollibee cash and carry for lunch. We avail the graduate bucket promo co'z we have a graduate here (tita Lara graduated from high school). 
Actually the highlight of the day was this little girl who became static during this lunch time.  She really was enjoying herself, she did some funny face, and moves and sounds. 
She made us all happy!