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Friday, October 29, 2010

Office Stuff for Kuya

My team leader house just got renovated  or I mean Joshua and his family just moved to a new renovated house. The house as a lot of rooms and he even has a mini library and an office. Well his office needs some modern office furniture that will match with his modern personality.
When I'll the opportunity to see their house again things that I am sure that will happen (haha) I will definitely suggest that he get some stuff for his office.

Sweaty face

The temperature here in Siem Reap is just like in the Philippines very hot and humid. We were all sweating in the ministry area as we did our hygiene thing with the kids. Our team are all getting darker and as I look my face in the mirror when I showered the second around I was worried I might get pimples because I had an oily and sweaty face. I am worried that when I get one I won't be able to treat it and it will go bad and become an acne. I knew some people that don't know to treat acne reason why theirs go big and look gross!
I am hoping though that I'll get some beauty treatments and rest when I get home.

Printer in Mind

While I was in the midst of ministry  today, my mind still find time to day dream or probably out of need too reasons why I was thinking of things.
I was thinking of a small portable printer that our team can carry wherever we may go. I was thinking of printing some stuff actually that was kind of related to the ministry. I thought of that because its hard print something of what you like it to be when you are in some other place. It would be a big help if there are some catalog printing place around the area, but sad thing there is none and no printer to use too.
Well anyway...some things can still wait till we'll be back home. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am still in bed as I am writing this post.  I don't have jet lag but I have a flu reasons that I am staying a bit in bed. My worries is... how about if this won't go away till our Saturday flight for Cambodia? huuhuuu! I don't like that thought.
I seriously need a body massage too. I just hope that I know how to follow these instructions  I saw on massage therapy program online and if I did know how to do this... can I do it to myself? I think I can't I need someone to do it for me.
I don't when will I gonna have massage... but I needed it no matter when.

a pastor with a muscle

My friend and I were talking about her youth pastor of how he takes care of himself, she even describe him as a vain person... well, in a good way though. He is not that tall type of guy very slim but not thin. He also goes to his gym schedule without excuses.
What bugles me is... though he is not big of a guy... he has a muscle. So I am wondering if it happens because of the regular gym that he does or if he is taking muscle building supplements to build those muscles. I would love to see hubby with those muscles also. It may sound funny but really I would love to.
Hubby kept on telling me that he wanted to go to a gym, but the problem is... it's not happening.

Weighed Yesterday

Yes... that is totally correct, I weighed myself yesterday and the other day and the day before the other day. In short I kept on weighing myself when I saw the weighing scale. And this is not right.
Before I went on a holiday I just weigh a little above one hundred forty 'lbs, and when I weighed while in holiday I gained five 'lbs more. When I weighed myself yesterday, I found out that I gained nine 'lbs total in a month holiday. This super not right.
So, while I was eating and eating my friend on the other hand did everything she could to lose weight and she even look for an online weight loss program on the net and she told people about this and soon I'm sure she will ask me to do the same I mean do the program thing.
I'm hoping to the max though that I will indeed do something to lose even just a pound.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In Memory...

said in memory not because my friends have died or anything, all I want to say is... in memory of all good crazy days in highschool with my friends.
Many years way back (I'm not that old though) but it really seems the days of long ago... when I was in my third year in highschool and all was planning on what to wear on prom night party. As everyone were buying theres... I, in the other hand were asking my grandmom friends if they have a gown that I can borrow for that night. And yes indeed someone lend me a pink dress to wear.
It was good to see friends bragging about their prom dresses while i was trying to avoid the discussion. hahaha!
I won't forget those times because it has to do with who I am now!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flax for him

My friend husband got a mild stroke a year ago, praise God that in spite of what happen to him, he never loses hope from God. He can't walk, talk or do anything for awhile, but nowadays he can stand for a couple of hours and preach during Sundays at his church.
Three weeks ago a friend here in Elmira brought us to Farmers Bulk store where you can find anything nuts and other good stuff.  While we were looking my friend saw these seeds and was very happy to found it and when we came to see what she'd found we saw flax seeds and we learn from her the benefits of flax seed and how good it is to our body and her husband just needed it.
It's a good thing that she found flax seed and I also knew what is it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My friends hubby

My friend Liss is three weeks married now. She has a house she bought from an old lady. We helped her setting up thing and kind of cleaning the house a bit. Her hubby though is out for two weeks to a moose hunting. She told us that she went crying a while ago when he called up because she misses him. Who wouldn't anyway miss a husband who is away for two weeks.
She has a very interesting husband though.. a very handy man. He fixed trucks as a living, he did not finishes high school because he's parents are menonite and doesn't believe the importance of education, but he is very smart though and I like him. He drinks and he likes cigars too, I wonder though if he has tired Acid cigars. I don't really know what it is actually but maybe some people I know has tried it already. I just don't know if I would like it myself because  I am not into cigars, but if its kind of a coffee.... I might try ;)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hotspring swimming!

We went to Banff, a town in the middle of a park Alberta Canada. This is a very beautiful place.
Our friend Dennis and Karen, a very beautiful couple too brought us to this place. We stay at Ptarmigan Inn for three nights. They brought us around the park and took us to the famous tourist places there. During at night they would also took us to the hotspring pool. At first I did not believe them when they told me that they would be bringing us to the pool because its fall time and actually almost spring already and still swimming outdoor. We did not know that it was true and its a hotspring too.
We did not bring any swim wear with us when we came, the good thing was you could actually rent a swimming attire from there. We never thought of anything like that would happen though reason that the short that hubby brought was like men's running shorts or a regular short he uses in the Phils.
And as for me.. I'm pretty sure they won't allow me swimming with t-shirt on.

My friend faith

My friend Sarah has an aunt named Faith. We talked a lot about her and I really wanted to her so bad.
Faith is a special lady, she is 51 years old and she is working too.
God gave me the privileged to see her almost three weeks ago and that meeting made me almost cry. She is living with her mom who is a very lovely lady and is seventy-five years old and still very healthy and is taking care of Faith. When I saw grandma I thought that the reason why the Lord haven't take her yet because no one will take care of Faith the way her mom does.
I just don't know  would happen with these people when the one who loved them the most would be taken away from them.  I just hope that  people like them has disability insurance  because it would be good if they had one.
Seeing my friend Faith lightened up my spirit and feeling the loved of grandma refreshes my soul.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Chili con Carne today

Hubby is eating chili con carne made by our host yesterday. She made a lot of it that we are still eating it today for lunch. We like it though that is why we don't want to cook another dish.
I have cooked "adobo" a Filipino dish yesterday for IT Canada staff lunch.  They said it was good, I just don't know if they really mean what they say or they just are polite. :D I cooked it for almost an hour... goodness, they don't have the pan that we use in the Phils to make the taste better. hahaha. Funny, but I just found out that.