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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just don't like it!

Four days ago, a friend invited us for a movie at their beautiful house at Upper Wellington, Hamilton. We ate dinner first before watching the movie. This friend of ours bragged a lot how good his movies are and ofcourse he said because his laptop I think was kind of a blu ray compatible or something like that. Well the vision was quite good because it was blue ray indeed but what we don't like was the movie itself because it was horrible.
wuah! we just don't like it... we feel like it just wasted our time. So I just found out too, that no matter how good your tv and your audio is when the movie is not is not good still.


I've been into a lot of eating today. First early in the morning I got cereal, coffee and a toast, then we hit the road for  a less than two hours drive to my friends grandparents at the country side. And there we got served a lot of good food too. Mashed squash, potatoes, beef, salad, apple pie and a lot more. Whew... I've got a lot of eating. And when we return home we met our friends parents at tim hortons for dinner. And after that I went to my newlywed couple friends house. In there I never thought that I'll gonna cook some chilli and can't help myself but have some again because it was good.
When I looked upon her herbs or spices though I was amazed because there were a lot of kind.  I wonder if she has put some best protein powder  to make her chilli taste good because it did taste good and different.  I am hoping that if I go back to the Philippines I'll be able to cook some food in here fo rmy friends.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Before we left the Philippines, hubby and I went to get a double A battery for our camera at ace hardware. Of course as hubby been looking and looking batteries upon batteries I was busy looking at the hardware area too wishing that whenever God would give us a house I would buy this and that. What fascinates me the most was the door lock thing y or as others prepare to say as Kwikset, I been in that area till hubby and I need has to left the store.
I am really in love with everything that regards to house thing most specially the stuff that I can use for cooking or    the dining sets stuff.
Just loving that corner of the store. Can't help it!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

..gotta cook!

It's funny and scary as well thinking that people or friends here where we are now thought that I am a good cook. I don't exactly know where did they find that funny information because I never thought of myself as a good cook.
Well I won't deny the fact that I love cooking but I don't rate myself as good one. All dish that I cooked was experimental. When I did it first time and tasted good... it won't be that good enough the second one.
Yesterday I was forced to cook because they were telling me to do it. (sigh) I made baked chicken as I did it in the Phils. but I lessen up the spices and salt coz I know people here don't use salt as much as I like it. And the result was not that good and I know they don't appreciate it that much either. After that we visited some other friends for dinner and a lady told me that I have to cook for their ministry because they were told I am a good cook. I want to faint or melt or just vanish away with the wind. (sigh).
Anyways.. If they want it then I will! so help me God!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Caley's Birthday

I remember clicking on "yes" option when my friend sent the facebook party/event invitation. I really thought hubby and I could make it. We never anticipated the fact that our visitor friend will be leaving early the next day. So a send off dinner was a must.  The birthday party starts at three in the afternoon in a two hours place away from home (two hours when there is no traffic and more when there is).
Her was his tita Rocks and Tito Dolf who made his 1st birthday invitations as their gift to him and beside that is one of their business too making party stuff.
It was Caley's birthday and I remember cutting some tiny picture of him for his souvenirs gift. I just imagine that when I will have my own baby Caley I might be doing same thing. I must be very excited then :)

Got this picture from ate rocks!

Tired of!

I am tired of people telling me I look bigger each day they saw me. Well I don't really care if I get bigger as  long as I don't ask money from them for food or anything. I don't want to blame all of my good friends and my loving husband who give me food or invite me to parties and dinner out.
I think all I need is the determination and discipline to get fit. And a diet pills are not even my option because I am afraid of the side effects I may suffer after taking diet pills.
I am praying and hoping that I'll able to have time and energy to walk every night to burn calories.


Hubby wants a big body, probably its because he is tired of being skinny and tired of listening to people to told him to get his body big. Well what can he do anyway, no matter how much amount of food he ate, nothing really happens to his body.
If there's only a way where he could get bigger body and I get skinny in a day... hubby and i might get it no matter how expensive it is.
I once went to a gym before and i saw different kind of testosterone supplement to help a person build great muscle. But I am thinking though how came most guys would like to have big muscles and everything where its doesn't really look appealing to me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Take a look

A lot of people now a days are crazy about dieting and drinking diet pills. Some of them become addicted to it and got serious side effects, one reason why I don't drink diet pills because of the side effect that I might suffer later.
Before we should take any medicine or specially if its a diet pill we should go see a doctor first and ask if it is really safe to drink one or see alli reviews. We should be cautious so that this would not end us up in the hospital dying.
I have a friend who are into diet and exercise and she lost thirty five pounds already. awesome! How i wish I also have  the patience and perseverance that she has.

Milk that is good for babies.

Two of my friends are expecting, one is anytime soon in October and the other is in November. That is so .......... I don't know felling since I get married two years ahead of them and no sign for baby yet. whew!
I am in between of wanting a baby so much and not really want it now. I want it since I really would like to have a family too. I don't want it because I have loads of plans in my mind that having a baby will just ruin it all.
But when I talked to my pregos friend... it made me want too. Specially seeing them preparing for the babies coming. One of them talked to me on how to increase breast milk so that I'll do it too when I get pregnant. She is really a good friend and a good teacher too. She love to teach her friends things that she knows and would benefits us. Probably when I get pregnant and would breast feed I will just eat more soup because that's what my old people taught me.
Ooh talking about this just made me want to get pregnant!

Baked Fish with cheese

Have you heard about baked fish?
Yeah... that's what i cooked for dinner. This not is really my idea, I just got this from  my friend and I like the idea and did it myself.
My sister and I liked it:

fish, cheese, salt and garlic.

salt the fish, put it in a pan, add the garlic and top with cheese. cooked it for thirty minutes in number four.
serve hot.

Friday, September 10, 2010

There again!

A few days ago, hubby and I went to the smoke emission testing place to get our office car a smoke emission test.  The car passed from the test though since before we went there we dropped in the car carwash place for a decarbonization thing. I found out how hassle is to have a car, well, not mentioning how convenient it is to have one too. Every month hubby and I has to do same things for it.
If there are only car insurance companies who would do all this things  would be awesome, anyways we are paying for its insurance every year.
But with all these hassleness I am still thankful that all is done.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I supposed to eat less since I will be attending two wedding soon and need to look nice on my dress and in the picture. But my appetite is not helping me at all because I am carving for food and really could go for a 2 piece chicken at Jollibee.  This is not good at all. I could feel the tightness of my jeans and t-shirts. Waaaaahh! what should I do now.
Our flight is getting closer means the wedding is getting closer too. I have no time for jogging and diet at all. I've tried to trim my diet but its no good. I just can't help it I feel I die when I don't eat at proper time. Crazy but true.  I am just assuming that this is because of my acidity.
So help me God with this.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chicken Curry

I cooked chicken curry for lunch today. It was quite sometime the last time I cooked. I'm loving cooking again, although busyness is not over yet but we still have moment to breath.... and it feels good. I use an imported curry powder from Malaysia which we both when we went there. Don't worry it haven't reach its expiry date yet :).

*coconut milk
*curry powder
*onions, garlic, salt and sugar

saute chicken with garlic and onion, let it simmer for two minutes. Add half cup of water and two table spoon of curry powder and let it come to boil for another 3 minutes. Then add the carrots and potatoes plus the coconut milk and let it simmer for 5 minutes. add salt ad sugar the way you want it. Then serve.
Its easy as that.
Go now and make cook your own chicken curry!
Happy Monday... it's our off day!

Friday, September 3, 2010

I need body massage

My body aches because of hectic schedules and I really need a body massage. Just two night ago I asked hubby to put some ointment on my back because it was painful, and indeed when I woke in the morning the following day I felt relieve. But since our busyness is still going on I still feel the pain all over my body.
Hubby and I are actually looking for a cheap body massage where we could enjoy lying on massage table where someone massaging our aching bodies.
Hopefully soon hubby could feel my pain and gift me a body spa ticket.

A friend in the US

Our couple friends who are now residing and working in the US will be visiting home in December.  Its been more than two years now that we don't see them. The last time we saw each other was 2008 and they have no kids yet, but today they have two already, a girl and a boy. We are very excited to see them.
My friend work as a physical therapist in a hospital and her husband is doing church ministry. She got the job through health care jobs online I think. Most of the Filipinos are studying nursing courses to be able to work abroad because the paycheck is quite high that what our hospitals can offer here.
It's a bittersweet thing actually for Filipinos because you can't get a lot of money abroad but you need to leave your loved ones behind.
How I wish that our government can do something about our wages here so that Filipinos won't go out of the country anymore but render their service here instead.

Our Neighbor

There's a construction going on besides our office. Before it was a big house standing in there but now it's anymore. It seems that they are making a metal building. What troubles us though is the annoying sound of the machines they're using to build that place, specially when there are meeting going on. We can't hardly hear people talking. Part of me would like to tell them not to work on a Wednesday because its our team day, and during that time we mostly had meetings.
There is nothing we can do because they too are just workers and Wednesday is not  a holiday for them. But I wished  it is ( lol!) selfish me.  The sounds really annoys me to the max.
On the other side of the irritable feeling I had for these people outside of our office is the soft kind side too. Whenever I see them working hard, I can't help but pity these people, Because I knew that even though they worked hard, there salary is still not enough to give their family a good life. But my friend told me that at least they have work that nothing.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Annoying but most loved Team

My team is sometimes crazy, funny, lovely, amazing and annoying, but no matter what I just love to b in this team. I've been with this people  for quite sometimes or to make details most of them I knew since first day of my LJBC member life. To depart from them means heart aches. They are not just a teammate, they are family.
My team is composed of different characteristic from different individual. Sometimes we find it hard to understand the other but do it anyway because thats what team means.. bearing each other flaws.
I am probably known as one stubborn person in the team, my hubby is the gentle one (that if he quarrel's someone... that someone will be accused of quarreling him instead. lol!) I also have another teammates who is always busy but actually is not... she just thought she is.
Without each one of us our team will never be the same again.