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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

..still open for x'mas gifts!..

What I really want supposed to be x'mas gifts is a brand new ipod, but our budget is tight and we need to consider the important things first I put it aside first hoping that someday hubby will give me one. I don't lost hope... I am still positive over this things.
I do have another alternative for gifts,  though its past Christmas already... but still i hope someone will get a flash drive cuff links for me. This silver cuff links are really adorable and its a perfect gift for someone special. There are lots of choices and I already have a favorite!
frog prince cuff links 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Magic Karaoke

Parties are all over... everyone is celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I just hope that we won't forget the reason why we celebrate this season... and we too must not only focus on the baby Jesus but instead look on what He has done to save us.

Hubby and I together with some friends went to visit our kuya whom we seldom see (  I mean most of my friends didn't see for a long time). It was indeed a good time.
The food  was good... I mean very good and all our tummy looks big.
It was so much fun and I wish we had a karaoke and a good microphone, it could have add more fun to the reunion Christmas party that we had.

reunion 2010

Have eaten a lot!

Now a good news!
coz... I have eaten a lot these days.
it's food everywhere, and I cannot resist it! help me God!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Eye Problem

I complain about my eyes when we were in Cambodia because I can't see clearly I mean there was blurriness specially looking at like ten meter away object and can't even recognize people.  I suspect that this happen because of too much computer exposure.
Last night hubby was a bit mad at me because I was in front of our computer for a long time again, and he warned me about my eyesight. But despite of the  warning I still continue with what I do. When things with eyes get bad again... I might consult spotting scope to see if my eyes is not doing good.  I just hope though that it won't be that bad and my eyes just needed some rest.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cypress Trees

When I was in Ontario. I love to look at houses surrounded with tress. These houses are so amazing and they looked like mansions or a tiny palace inside a beautiful garden of trees.
There was this one time when our friend and her dad brought us to Niagara Falls and coming back home was no easy trip because of a jammed traffic. My friend's dad who knows some road that's less traveled  maybe because  some people don't know about it and it's quite a long drive.
 And since our only problem was the traffic so went to that way.
Wow! we passed by a lot of very amazing places... some place I never thought exist! It was a very tremendous view indeed.
Here are some sample on how to put or design your cypress tree if you had one. Places like this I have seen in my trips too.

Guy kneeling beside a potted Italian Cypress Shrub

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Parties are over

It's been ten crazy days that passed (it's crazy in a good way.) Christmas parties are finally over and busyness is not that crazy either and guest had finally went back home. My days are back to normal again and my nose doesn't bleed anymore because of trying to speak in English all the time.
This first paragraph may sound that I am happy... but I'm not. I am sad that my friends have gone or went home. We love our work like only God knows... but this is one sad work too, because you'll come to love the people you work with then after two weeks they'll be gone again.
Coming back home after dropping them off at the airport was no funny things... hot tears run down my cheek because I miss my friends and don't know when we'll see each other again.
My friends are no young people.. in fact they are retired adults who even in some sickness give God their time, money and effort just to make these Filipino children get present this Christmas time. Seeing them leave made me wonder if I'll able to see them again. (and that made me emotional).
Last night was our last party with them, and this time it was not for the kids anymore but for all of us. There's a lot of food again and because of too much eating I am now thinking of slimming pills that work or effective and would make loose in just a week.
Happy Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

wanted to cry!

I want to cry but there's no tears and my eyes are dry but heart cries to the Lord my God. Praise you dear Lord!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Web Hosting!

I've been trying like crazy on how to manage a website. When I started blogging I never knew anything about it, and actually even to this very moment I really don't know still. It was my friend to got me into all of this and I am thankful so much that she helped me and she was very patient with me.
There's actually a lot of websites that are willing to help us on how managed web hosting. All that we do is understand and follow their instructions and you will be good. As for me... I am really slow in understand commands. Their are very simple instructions that become complicated as I analyzed it.  Very funny but very true as well.
I am actually amazed how other people get it so easily. I wish I am like them so I can manage my own website.