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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My fave hobby: eating :)

Yup, sure enough, can't hide it anymore and my favorite is jollibee chicken joy. Oh goodness I can have that chicken twice a day/seven day a week (know that I'm just exaggerating here. hahaha). But... honesty.. Ijust love the chicken. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fixing leather couch

I love leather couches but  I'm hesitant to go for it co'z it feels like when it's ruined it's ruined forever and there's no way it will be fixed. I don't know though where I  get this thinking, maybe because all the leather couches that my friends have has tears and cuts and it remains that way until they throw it away. So I told myself not to buy a leather couch even though I like the comfort it gives.

But somehow, something has change that thinking, I never knew that you can still fix a busted leather thing, and if you want to know how see here at leather world tech and you'll be happy for what you've found. I think I might  I want to get a leather couch now for my new house. Actually I really wish that our house is big so that I'll be able to put more furnitures.

Ooh... that you satisfy my heart oh Lord!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Was a bit Disappointed

Last two weeks a midst of a long queue in one of the NSO express center, I was there patiently waiting for my turn to apply for my baby's authenticated birth certificate.  About more than a week ago I was online filling up a an application form for a new passport not mine but my little girl. We were given today to do it and we were excited to go since yesterday.

We went to bed  at about two thirty this morning and woke at six, prepare ourselves, and then went to the DFA office. There were loads of people in the entrance gate waiting for their turn to enter but as for me and hubby, we have no problem entering at all because of the baby. But to our dismay we remember that we forgot to bring her birth certificate and it's almost our time, so there is really no time for us to go back and get it.

So there's nothing we can really do but went back home again and thinking of applying for another schedule. How we wish though that we have a car at least a nissan truck so that in times like this we'll be able to go back and get things and return quickly too, unlike when we take public utility vehicles. If I have nissan car for sure I'll look for Nissan Truck Accessories to put in my car just like some of my friends does.

Wish I have you... car!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Joy Ride!

I am thankful that even though we don't have a car, we still have a motorbike. It may not give us comfort while riding it co'z we always get dirty through air pollution and everything but it does brings us to our destination with no much traffic.  It's just stressful riding it when other vehicles are around co'z it makes me nervous.

Hubby and I went "joy ride" again yesterday. It has been a long time since we did it. Its fun as always. My helmet is two years or  more old already and I really would like to buy a new one like Shoei RF-1100 co'z mine is not only smells weird it also has a broken lock.