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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ruined diet

Yesterday we hubby and myself went to a beach three hours away from the city where most of my teammates lives. We cooked great food and  I ate loads of good food too. We grilled saint peter fish, pork and egg plants. We also cooked chicken adobo, squid adobo and rice.  We have watermelon for fruit. We have great time eating.

To tell you honestly: it was not good for me because my diet was ruined. But anyways, I had great time so I just don't care. I'll just have to continue my diet  so I will reach my desired weight still.:)

Scanning and photocopying blues

I have problems in doing minor things such as photocopying and scanning a documents because I don't know or I simply refuse to learn on how to operate the machine. I develop this attitude of leaving all those things to hubby. I know this is not a good habit.. but you can't blame me because hubby is always there to do such things for me.

Just last week someone asked me to photocopy a document for him, but I cannot do it since I don't know how and there's no one in the office but me. I am just thankful though because after all my anxiety that lasted about five minutes, hubby came to the rescue.

Furthermore, I need to scan a document  several days ago so that I'll get paid from the service I rendered to someone. I am thankful still that even though I don't know how to use such this things but we have document scanning software in the office to use or else we need to go somewhere else and pay more just to get our documents scanned.

Motorbike Registration

Early this morning, hubby went to take care of his motorbike because he needs to bring it to the store where he bought to ask them to help him change the oil. He needs to do that because it needs to be brought to the land transportation office for registration.

It's hard when you don't follow orders from this office because you get in trouble with the traffic of police officers. They will take your license if you don't abide with the law. Registering a vehicle is quite expensive though because it goes along in renewing your insurance too. Car insurance are not that cheap here although there are cheapest auto insurance you can get in other places or it depends on whatever.

We are thankful that hubby saved money for such as time like this, at least we don't have to worry about it anymore since he already allotted a budget for this.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waaaah! LP is broken

It's hard to believe that our laptop is broken. So now I am using our office computer where everyone around me is waiting that I get done so they could use it too.

Wish me good people! Please pray it would be fix soon! :(   :)

One tv channel

As I sat on our couch last night watching news on television something else came into my mind. So I decided to change the channel after the news but to my dismay the other channel is down. I got disappointed a little because there is only two tv channel that we have. I don't got bored of watching these tv shows or program reason I want to watch something else, and to my disappointment hubby and I argued.

I was thinking that probably it is right time for us to get our television cabled but  who would use it if we come home only at night? I am so confused, I don't know what to decide. I wish that my problem is just a mere need of component video cables where I could easily find.

Feeling weak Today

I feel weak today because I haven't eaten proper food since yesterday, all I ate was veges and fruits. I am not that very weak though I just felt like sleeping but I can't since I need to do things. What added to my weakness is I am sad because our laptop is broken, the screen is not showing, though I can tell that aside from it the others parts are still functioning well. I would be very sad if it won't be fixed today because I have loads of things to do and it's hard using others computer... because it's just simple not yours. :(

I felt like I think I need to take vitamins today to boost my energy because I feel nauseous as well or I might just go home early and take rest.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breast Feeding

Hubby and been praying for a baby since 2009 and up to the present until I get pregnant of course. Even though I don't have baby yet but friends who has and some other older women told me things about how to produce more breast milk when the baby comes.

So even now, I have lots of ideas about it, my only problem is I don't have baby yet to feed. I remember my friends telling me they cried during their first time because it was crazy painful. I hope I could make when my time comes. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dreaming to eat this

I am wishing that someday..
 I'll find the courage to eat this very good food!

baby back ribs with rice (drooling)!

I'm on a diet

It's almost a week that I'm on my vegetables and fruit diet, but sometimes I treat myself with chicken and fish. I don't like to starve myself from food (specially that I only eat vegetables and fruits now) but what can I do if we run out of gas (the one you use for cooking). So I only eat crackers and oranges. I feel lighter though but not that really light. There are other food supplement though like hoodia supplement that could help us with our diet.

I don't enjoy doing this much though but I need to do this for a very special purpose. It's special because it's for my friend's wedding. I pray that I would be able to finish this and would get my ideal weight.

Colon Cleanser

Friends have told me about a lot of ways to get slimmer. There are those who told me that the best way to lose weight is through exercise which I think is good too, but exercise without proper diet is no good as well. So.. in my opinion a balance of everything is the best way. 

On the other hand, I have heard that there is other effective way to get a slimmer body is through a clean colon because it is where the waste of the body is being stocked. There is actually an easy colon cleanser,  but we need to be careful though in what we take because it's hard to take the bad effect of what we do. The best way is to consult a doctor still.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hubby needs no diet

I trimmed my diet this past week and hoping to continue till the next few weeks (God help me), I am trying to eat just veges and fruit accompanied with a sweet potato. It's was't easy for me specially that I still need to cook good food for hubby because he doesn't need a diet because no matter how much he ates he still remain skinny, a thing that bugled me so much.

Unlike other male friends of mine who really needs best diet pills for men because their health is telling them to do so.  As I struggled to eat veges and starved myself, hubby on the other hand enjoy eating his bacon.

What a sweet life!

For Him

Hubby's birthday is coming and even just now I am thinking of things to do and what food to make on that very special day. In fact even the people I wanted to invite is already in my mind. What for sure though is I will save money for that day and would give hubby a little party since he is not really a big party person.

I've been thinking of giving him a special gift for his birthday also and I think a Men’s Ruby Rings would be a beautiful gift for him. But this is still optional though since I am not sure how much my budget would be.

I just pray that when this day comes, the Lord will indeed make it a wonderful day for hubby because he deserves it.
Men's White Gold Ring by Tom Linenberger

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some pix's

Hubby surprised me with a flower last Monday. As he gave me this very special rose, I also cook vegetable for him (which he is not fond of) but he wholeheartedly accept it. haha! He told me that he won't ever forget that day. :)

this was taken a couple months ago when we went to teriyaki boy resto to eat.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cabbage Soup Diet

My friend got her version of cabbage soup diet for her hubby and it really helps him loosen up great amount of calories. He did lost 11.5 pounds for a week time. :)

I hopefully start this diet soon and crossing my finger I hope to lost more that he lost for a week. I hope to lost 15 pound for a week.

Well, the reason why I am into this because my other girl friend is getting married  in April and she asked me if I could do an emceeing for her which  I said yes for I just cannot decline.

I hope and pray that before her weeding I'll lost fifty. :D

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Makeup Kit

Just the other  day I found this long time not use purse of mine. So, I loaded it up with makeups and other stuff for travel emergency purposes, specially this time that hubby and I uses our bike to go anywhere and putting on makeup is really not a good idea. I found out actually that putting makeup on while riding in a motor bike for one hour is not a good idea because I have tried it one time and when we arrived at the office my lips which was supposed to be shining red because I put lipstick it turns to black because of dust and dark smoke that came from other vehicles. Goodness!

After that incidents, I swear to myself not to do it anymore. I don't care if look plain and simple as long as I don't wear dusty black makeup anymore! So from now on.. I told hubby never to take out the purse I put on his  back-pack. That purse is solely for travel emergency alone. :)

House hunting again

This time its not for us though, its for a dear couple friend who is getting married in April. We are helping them because they wanted to live in the place where we just moved and wanted to live close to us since we are living there already. Of course I am so much happier knowing I'll have a close friend living near me.

So in pursuit of the house, we looked at this prospect house this morning that is two blocks away from our house only. Its a two room house, tiled floor and has a pendant lighting fixtures already hanging on the dining area. The only problem is the toilet shower is broken... well, its actually same with ours too, our shower is broken but I just don't care as long I like the rest of the house.

My friend has to see the house herself though, just don't know when. I am hoping that she'll get the house because its not that i like it... its also close to where hubby's mom live, actually just a house away. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My friend Dad is dead!

I am totally confused right now. A friend texted us telling that someone's dad is dead. I thought it was my pastor's dad since he is nearly a hundred years old already but the last time I saw him and it was just last Sunday he was still well and kicken'. I was almost to send my condolences to pastor Mar when I received a message from him on facebook informing me that its my friend Gigi's Dad who had died. And when I throw loads of questions to him, he just simple got offline leaving more confused.

 I am thinking of what would they do since some close friends are in Singapore and won't be home till next week. I know that this must be a sad news for those who are away. I just pray that God will give him comfort and provisions for whatever needs they have right now knowing they did not made any funeral planning for him.

Well, I will wait till later to see who really died!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I want tikoy today

Chinese new year have passed already and I haven't eaten tikoy yet. I've been wanting to have some even before because every time we visit the grocery store I saw it there and it really tempts me to the highest level. I am hoping that one day before this month ends I'll be able to have some. ")

How do you want your Tikoy cooked? I like mine dipped in beaten egg ...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thinking of a better counter displays

Its been my desire to put up a business, even just a small one but my problem is how to start and where to put it.  I have ideas of products to sell but I don't have any idea of designs to make the product attractive. I still don't have any business put up till  now.

However, if somehow God will make this desire granted I know I can consult with counter displays about designs and other things like this. It has been my dream to franchise a buy one take one burger stand. I just don't where to get the money to purchase it and also where to put the stand and one thing more I don't know how I could make all these things happen.

But if its God's will.. things will happen!