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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Potato Diet

I just ate my lunch with all of my teammates, several of them brought some food and it was very good. One of them brought some cooked sweet potato which made me very thankful because I eat sweet potato in replacement of rice because I am trying to abstain from eating rice.

I am doing this in preparation for my friends wedding that is happening soon.  I really do hope that this will help slim me down so that I won't be tempted to take diet supplements though taking this means sure slim. The reason why I am not into taking diet pills because hubby and I are in the process of making a family.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Heard of little Cigar?

Well I don't hear anything about it too and in fact this is my very first time. I don't really smoke or I don't sit besides someone smoking, I never learn to smoke in my life and would never be. But most of my keens does.  It says that "all things a permissible but not all things are beneficial" and it's the same thing with smoking.  If people smoke out of relaxing themselves I don't see it bad but when they abuse themselves through smoking, well this is the time that they are dangering themselves.

Just wondering though if you have heard about swisher sweets little cigars or probably you did. I am just kind of smiling to know that there's such as cigar as this.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eating sweet potato

It's been a long while that I am eating sweet potato as my rice alternative because my friend who abstain from eating rice told me to satisfy myself with this root crop instead. And so I did! I have started eating this  for a bout three weeks ago and I have liked it. I am not looking for rice anymore though I still cook rice for hubby's sake.

It's not that I don't eat rice all through out though cuz I still do specially when we are with friends. I don't feel like doing anything healthy for the fear that it would just ruin the fellowship. So.. I still cheat... a lot, and if you have to ask me if I have achieve my goal, all I can say is "I don't know :D".

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Conference call with boss

Being in  the team's department of our ministry, I was assigned to answer emails with the short teams coordinator  of the visiting team. I love doing this thing actually, I like to think that in what I do I kind of lessen the worries and concerns of the coming team. It's really my passion to help them in whatever way I can.

So having this job got me the opportunity to talked to people that I only met during those moment. It was not easy and the feeling we're weird. I remembered having  a conference call then with  my boss and his business partner (I was working as a telemarketer during this time). I was really lost in words because I am really not a talker so I only answer if they ask me questions. It was crazy because they want me to talk and would tell about myself but i was not with myself that time. Totally crazy times!

Well, on the other hand, to think of how we can do this things through high tech gadgets is just a very amazing thing.  To think that in the older time we can't do this, but today we just can do anything. I salute to peoples wisdom and innovative thinking.

Insurance Agent then

I was once a telemarketer for people who lives in the US of A. It was quite a tough job for me not only because of the language difference but also the accent and time difference as well. I did the work at home and I have recruited the hubby to join me in my quest for sales, and I was overly happy because he agreed to join with me in my half miserable job.

Another thing that I struggle about my work was the thought that people hates me because I'm a telemarketer and I was not happy in that part. So whenever the phone rang on the other line part of me pray that no ne would answer. Crazy me huh!? I know I'm not good to hire with work like that.

Anyways, I was then calling to set an appointment with my boss for older people who would like to get a disability insurance for an affordable amount. Yet, it's sad to say that for three months of working I only got five appointments and two of them was not good.

It was quite an experience though, a thing that I would never try again.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Movin' on...

Good morning Philippines and the world! It is a brand new day and means a brand new hope. Yesterday had gone forever but even its gone it also remains a history forever.

So whatever happen yesterday... let's put it behind us! Let the good memories be an encouragement for us to continue to aspire great things and let the what's not good create a good thing in us in spite of the uneasiness it brought to our lives.

Let's cheer up, take courage to smile and put our trust in HIM (Jesus) who never fails!

God bless us all!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ruined again

After not  eating anything yesterday the whole day and thought of continuing it to fasting... what happen instead was: there's this birthday party that I went to just to set up the chocolate fountain and after that I was planning to leave because it was a kid party (and I don't feel like a kid anymore.. hehehehe!), I happen to stay and do other things instead again.  (this is not the bad thing though... coz it's always a great thing to help).

My pastor made "laing" a veggie dish... a very good one last night, as part of the party food. I can't help myself of course but indulge with the temptation and ate a whole bunch of everything. So today I feel like running a 100k (joke).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cooked Veggies

I have cooked green beans with a lot of other veggies last night. It looks gross though if you don't know what's in there. But I enjoyed eating it anyhow since I omit rice from my diet.

I asked hubby if something has change in my appearance ( I mean if I did look skinnier than before because I don't feel it). Hubby just told me that he thinks I lose a little.. just a little because I still eat more. (hahaha)

Still... I am happy that I make it three weeks now not eating rice!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Personalized Gifts

Baby Alphabet QuiltI would love to give a personalized gifts to my lovely "inaanaks" (means god children) during their birthdays, because I have loads of god children. In fact in the coming Sunday I'm going to have another one, my college friend first born daughter will be baptized. I actually told my friend one time that I think I have to say no to those who would ask me to be a "ninang" anymore (ninang is what we called to a godmother), but she said that no matter what I say I am still one of her daughter's god mother.

So hubby and I need to shop for a gift, just don't know when though probably before Sunday of course. I would be better if the gift we are looking is for teens because all we need to do is go to teenager girl gifts at Personal Creations to get one. I am hoping I'll able to get a personalized gift for her.