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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Online Business

I am starting to do business again, I mean after selling ice-candy last summer that did not click well because of so many people doing it so I stopped the small business and instead switched to making embutido and it is for sale as well. I have delivered eleven pieces today to some people which made me so happy.

How I really wish that I'm enrolled to some online business degree so that it could help me more to make my small business grow big. Although I finishes a business degree in college but I don't get the chance to do any real business reason why I forgot all that I have studied. I was not able to exercise what I have learnt because went into different direction that instead of becoming a business woman I instead I become a missionary which I'm thankful that I did.

With the booming online business nowadays I am actually thinking that what if  I have made myself into business before, is there any possibilities that I could an online business now? I don't probably yes and probably no as well. Well I'm for sure assume that those having online businesses are also doing an online business degree because there is no way they could make it to the top without advance knowledge in doing their business. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Food... food.. food :)

As I post these pictures, I am also thinking what might people think. Probably they'll say that "no wonder she double her size in a month." I am a foodie, food is one thing that I love and cooking is one of my passion. Whenever hubby and I went to a mall, we won't leave the mall without visiting one of its food place.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My friend and her mom was at house last night to watch their favorite "tv drama program". It was fun having them around because I have someone to laugh and talk with while watching. Well, we also talked about the buying an lcd tv in the future. As for me I might go for a  samsung lcd screens tv and I will put it in my room so that it I don't need to go to the living room if I want to watch tv and just lye down in bed.

Also when I have the tv in my room I will have the privacy to use it whenever I want to and watch program that I like and not to think what other people might also like.
             (this one I like)

Office Building

Yesterday was our team meeting day and our team leader decided to do it in the soon to be new office of ours. After the meeting they made a general cleaning and brought some office stuff. I was not able to join them though for some personal reasons.

I'm not a fan of moving though because it's hard to start all over again starting with the people in the new place, plus transportation then the moving of stuff and setting it up again. I do wish though that we own an office  building so that we don't have to move all the time. I hope that someday some organization will help us build steel buildings for an office, it would be an awesome thing.

Commercial Steel Buildings

Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Job for sisters

I was chatting with my friend a while ago about our works, family, ministry at our church, school fees and life of our dears ones. As I was talking to her I just can't resist telling her about my sister in law desire to apply a full scholarship and hoping she'll get accepted in a prestigious school. But my mom in-law is just being skeptic about the idea, she seems lost hope of a good future for her children. I can't help myself but feel annoyed towards such reaction, reason I told it to my friend to release some negative feelings.

I do  believe that when a person finishes a college degree also means that he or she has a good future, specially in today's time where a person needs to be good to be competitive, has a good educational attainment to get accepted in jobs with good pays. My sister is in her third year in college taking up office management. I hope and pray though that she is indeed studying hard as she have said so that she'll have a good future.

My sister in law`is in her last year in high-school and is figuring out what course she'll have to take in college, I  probably would suggest that take an engineering course, so that she'll be able to grab good job opportunities such like entry level engineering jobs that not only promises good pays but also in high demands specially abroad. Please don't get me wrong if I want my sister in law get an outside the country the job opportunity because all of her younger life her mom worries of what where she could get the food to be serve in the next meal time.  I just want them to experience a good life!

Backyard hot tubs for rainy days

Honestly, summer has passed and rainy days are here and yet it felt that summer has not gone yet because I've never been to any beach nor does picnic in a shore or went swimming in a pool. All I did was lie down in my couch and day dreamed and actually still does it. I don't know summer went away without telling me its going. Reasons why I'm still holding on to it, still telling my friends lets go to the beach.

But how could it happen these days, specially it's typhoon season already and school is in its reaping off almost everybody's wallet. How could my beach getaway with friends happen when everything are not pointing in such direction. I felt like I have waste my two months summer away.

So now, I'm here wishing  I'm somewhere in a backyard hot tubs lying down and relaxing chatting with friends and holding a glass of wine. Whew, someone has to wake me up because I'm day dreaming again. I actually wishing and dreaming  that I have a backyard with a swimming pool in it where I could swim and swim and swim. Now, I wish I'm rich!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pan Cake attempt

A couple days ago when I was lying on our couch I felt the urged of doing something and of course first thing that came to my mind was cook. So then, I asked hubby if he would like some pan cake for snacks and he said he would be delighted to have some.

So, I turn on my laptop and google how to make pan cake from scratch. Good thing I have most of the ingredients in my kitchen, then I started mixing eggs with flour and add the others. To my surprise my pancake turns out like a crepe. 

So what I did was.... add mango to my pancake to make it taste like mango crepe. 

Here's the results :) 
(I know it doesn't look tempting)... but hubby loves it!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Menudo mode today

I was thinking of cooking menudo for dinner today but as I was preparing the ingredients I found out that I don't have tomato sauce. But since I don't have the guts to go outside to buy one and there's no one to help me buy as well. SO I decided to still cook it menudo style minus the cause. Anyways, it taste good still which I was thankful.

 (just copied this picture from google)