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Monday, November 29, 2010


Hubby watched "Jillian... Mamamasko Po" teledrama on channel seven, he enjoyed watching it and he even shared the story with me after. This teleseries is about a human doll who is a friend of Santa Claus.
It's just amazes me to see hubby enjoying tv shows for kids. It made me more want to  have kids now than ever.  I wonder who among myself and hubby would buy more toys for our kids when that day comes.
And speaking for toys.. it just remind me of what gifts should we give to our "inaanaks" (godchildren) this Christmas time and to think I have loads of them. oh! goodness part of me would like to hide or runaway from them or go somewhere far and come Feb. just to stay from them.
Sigh.. I felt bad now and even more guilty because of feeling this, but this is how I really feel as of now.
Why I feel so oblige of giving them gifts... I don't know if it is because I don't want to disappoint the parents  or I just really love the kids?... hhhmmm! I think I am both. And buying for almost 30 of them makes me my hubby's enemy!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Roasted Chicken in mind!

I am hungry. It's almost twelve noon and my tummy shout for food already, and what's in my mind is mang inasal chicken for lunch but I am not quite sure if hubby would say yes since we need to crosscut out food expenses.
As for me I am still hoping that he'll say yes let's go.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My friend runs 5k each week

Yes, my friend runs 5k each week for a month now I think. While me on the other hand is busy eating and have spent 5k for a month (joke...5k is too much). Part of me would like to join with her running quest, bu t my problem is I afraid to run for I might b pregnant (who knows) and because of excessive exercise I will lost it. This is one reason why when my period comes its drives me to tears because I might have done the running if I have known I'm not!
Well... I'm kind used to it though and have accepted that this is what we called life... its survival of the fittest! I might as well wait and see if in the future I could use a best hgh supplements as a diet supplement.
Though this is hard, I still believe that someday things will happen as long as you believe it will happen!

good day everyone!

Will I lose Fat When not eating breakfast?

Just woke up and on facebook already. I saw on my friends wall post that they just had breakfast and reading it made me hungry. But I don't think if hubby and I would eat breakfast, I think we will wait until lunch since its already past breakfast :(.
Do you think that skipping breakfast will help me lose weight? It seems reasonable if it does but some people say it doesn't really help at all and I am just making myself starve and crave more food. Ooh goodness, is working out and proper diet is the fastest way on how to lose weight fast? Then losing fat is really a tough decision specially to those  who don't have any patience in working out and proper eating. arrrgh!

Blackheads problem

Whenever I stare at hubby's face I can't help myself but look at those horrible looking blackheads. So when I saw one I really make sure that I take it out in whatever ways. I usually prick it even when there are people around. I know that some people would go to the derma house to get it done by some pros. But to me I do it myself no matter how painful it is.
There are other ways on how to get rid of blackheads that is actually safe too, because if you don it wrong and it got infected you are in more trouble.
I am actually worried that I might get more blackheads in the future specially when hubby and I moved to Cavite and hubby need to take the motor bike to take us to the office. I am hoping and praying that the Lord will give us a car soon. (a car is impossible for us to have these days but if it God's will who can hinder anyway?!).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Medics Scrubs

When I was young I thought that its hard or rather impossible for me to be able to have medical people as a friend. I thought I will never accomplish anything because for me it was impossible.

But then this I have loads of friends whose profession and career is in the medical friends, and what most interesting about my friends is; they are in different nationalities. I have a nurse and physical therapiest friend from US and Canada, I have a doctor and Midwife friend for UK and lots here in the Phils too.

I felt so blessed knowing these people and being their friend too. And as for my nurses friends  uses and needs nursing scrubs for work. I wish to see them wear their scrubs to work too!

Chicken Curry with Squash

Some delectable recipe 

1 kilo of Chicken
1 pack of coconut milk
1 clove of garlic
1 pc. onion
a quarter slice of squash
1/2 teaspoon of salt

saute the garlic and onion, add the chicken,  wait till the chicken is slightly cook (put a little bit of salt here), add the squash and let it simmer until you see that the squash is half cooked already, then add the coconut milk, let it simmer for 3 minutes add the remaining salt and pepper.
Then served warm.

happy eating! :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

The devil wears Prada

I like this movie a lot and in fact I kept the dvd that my friend who resides in Canada left for me, but some reasons I also give it away. The plot of the story interest a lot of woman who works in fashion companies and has bosses who in the like of Miranda's character.

A lot of woman will indeed die just to get hired in a famous fashion company and would do everything their boss would say even if it means a break-up of other good relationship. In this good to see how Anne H. change her outfit every day when she goes to the office to impress her boss. And yes, the Prada shoes that she wears in this movie were all wonderful.

Women I think who likes shoes drools out when they were watching this movies. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cyber days

Hubby and I went house tripping again the other day in hoping to find a good-near-spacious-cheap rent to own house in Cavite. We did saw a lot of good one and in fact more than our we expected to see but of course when the house is good, expect too that the price high.

We visit this model house of a new subdivision named "cyberville" which I really like so much, but the price hurts hubby's mind (because he think and think on how we will be able to afford this house), because no matter what he does or how he do it, our monthly support won't really cover the monthly payment.

I asked the lady agent why the subdivision is called cyberville and she told me that they want this place to be a cyber place (I don't  know what she really meant. lol). Anyways if we will get this place all our mondays will be cyber monday and our friday will be Black Friday or all our days will be cyber days. hahahaha.
My godson would be very thrilled to know that ninangs place is cyber place.

Meet People today!

Hubby and I went to meet some people this morning. Meeting someone you don't know or whom you will see the first is not a good feeling. It feels awkward, and as for me I have this suspicious or negative thoughts sometimes towards the person. And because of those thoughts I often prayed that the Lord will protect us from people whose desire is to hurt others. This is the same thing when a new found friend would like to meet me at MOA, I felt so nervous meeting her so I asked hubby to come with me :).
Awkward suspicious feeling is quite normal when new things comes our way, it maybe simple something like HDMI cables or just anything in general. Our suspicion is there if having this is good or not, it is worth the penny or not. As for me and hubby... meeting kuya RB today was fun!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Food tripping in Cambodia!

We went to visit the temples in Siem Reap Cambodia during this time.
After we finished visiting two two temples, our group decided
to went somewhere for lunch and our van driver brought us to this 
expensive restaurant that made us all kinda annoyed because we told him
to bring us to a regular restaurant not  the fancy one. I don't know 
if he understand us or not, but anyways, these are the food that hubby
and I ordered.

(pork with pineapple)

(chicken with eggplant)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

weight loss supplement for me

My friend is bragging about how much weight she lost through workout and healthy eating. She told this while we were feasting because it was our team leader house blessing. As for me who getting bigger and there eating with them felt quite ashamed of myself, but theres nothing I can do to refrain myself from the food because I was starving since breakfast.
She actually told us that the best way to really loose weight is workout and  take best weight loss supplement. But hubby won't allow me to take some pills due to we are trying to get me preggy as always. So we won't take any risk specially this time.

Friday, November 12, 2010


There were nights that I can't get myself to sleep again this time... meaning my body is back to my normal Philippine sleeping habit again. After we arrived from Canada I slept very early as early as eight o'clock at night but now its back to one o'clock in the morning again.
I wonder if I need some best sleep pills to help me sleep early and wake up late. Or this has a side effect that I should not risk to get. I actually sometimes consider of taking sleeping pills specially during busy times that my body really need some rest for the other busy day that comes. I am just afraid since not one from my friends did yet.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Old to New again!

What we had at the dinner fellowship were four boxes of yellow cab pizzas, pansit malabon (fried noodle) and a lot of different sodas for drink. We thought that the food won't be enough for us because there wee a lot of people who came but alas there were more leftovers still.
What really amazes us in that house was the new looking contemporary sofa because we knew that this sofa were old and looked rubbish and now it looks as good as new.
Hubby and I were thinking of buying one when we get our own house. Just like this one.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Ain't Right!

This is one of Siem Reap, Cambodia's exotic food, 
a spider-soaked with wine before frying.
Our friend found this in the market and they tried it 
but I just can't do it. No matter what do it feels just
ain't right!

I was sooooooooo glad no one dares me!

Friday, November 5, 2010

tiny potatoes

This was my very first time to see peeled small potatoes.
I was impressed on how patient the one who did this, so I asked 
hubby to take picture of me holding the bag of potatoes.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

...more food to me :)

Its hard to go diet when you are in another place because all is new and different to you. All you wanted to do is try everything and have some more in foods or dishes that you like best.
I felt bad for my friend who workout for more than a year and went diet here and there, but its hard for here to do her regular routine in Cambodia... so, theres nothing she can do but eat and eat more.
She refuse to eat during our last days there  because some people said that she should stop eating because she is getting bigger again. I felt bad for her and I was annoyed to some who said rude comments about her.  If I could only give Lipofuze to her without spending a lot of money I probably would just to help her ease such negative emotion towards people who are tactless and say mean things.

A picture from afar!

This is my friend and her husband during their wedding pictorial, so as their official photographer were busy taking of their photos.. so hubby was also. Though this is blurry one and from afar.
In Canada, based from what I have learned... one of their costume is: the bride gives gifts or Bridal Jewelry to her bridal party. I am not sure though if my friend did give gifts to hers.  The wedding was fun and nice. I am really thankful I got invited! :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Coffee (tim hortons)

Pix-my friends friend was the one who picked us up at Toronto airport
when we arrive. It took us two hours to get to Elmira ( a small town in Ontario) 
where my friend Liss family lives.
It was twelve midnight already when we arrived at their house. So along 
the way Pix dropped by at Tim Hortons to get us coffee.