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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nasi Goreng with Pinoy Twist for 39 pesos only

Finally! we have started our home based food delivery business last Monday. 
We don't have that much order yet, but I know its a good start.

These are what's in our menu:
                                           Nasi Goreng with porkchop toppings

                                          Nasi Goreng with chicken toppings

                                          Nasi Goreng with longganisa and salted  toppings

                                          Nasi Goreng with adobo toppings

                                          Nasi Goreng with beef tapa toppings

                                          Nasi Goreng with springroll toppings

                                           Nasi Goreng with embutido toppings

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Food Business in Mind

My friend Raqs and I discussed about food business again just awhile ago. But before today we already discussed of franchising some burger business. This is what we do always :), we talked about food and business.
I just hope and pray that this business in mind will indeed come to pass and the good Lord may indeed bless the desires of our hearts and the works of our hands.
God bless everyone! happy weekend.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Kebab Experience

Last June 18, together with friend J-mie, we made kebab for dinner. I actually got the recipe online but put some  add ons for originality of course.
Here are some pics.
Happy drooling to all of us!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

B-day food! :)

This is a bizarre arrangements of the food we had on my birthday. We really don't have  a party at our house because I felt like I do't want to have many people. So we did not invite other friends but only my closest one. Every dish came from my visitor friend.
I am so thankful that God has given me beautiful friends not only the outside appearance but most of all their inwards one.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Racks @ MOA

Since my college days... it has been my desire to eat at Racks, but during those days I can't afford to do such things because of lack of finances. But today... I dont know what happen though... it's just hubby and I agreed to have dinner there as a celebration of his b-day, wedding anniv and my b-day. It was a three in one celebration. It was great. We indeed have a great time.
Heres what we ordered:
Baby Ribs and Classic Pork Ribs (and just posting these pictures made me hungry again!)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Party at our house :)

we have crab with coconut milk, grilled blue marlin, a roll of red ribbon chocolate cake, mixed vegetables, corn soup, orange fruit, rice and a wine or just a coke in a wine glass (lol!).
This was during valentines night 2010.
There were three couples in our house. Two were married and the other one are just dating/engage(?). We don't have enough money to go out for a date coz valentines is not that a bi deal with us. And so we decided to have a fancy dinner at our house.

Party at our house :)

This was during ate Raquels b-day.
We (her close friends) decided to surprise her at our house. So each one agreed to bring food.
Here; we have 3different types of  chicken dish, rice, sodas,  veggie salad and a cake!
(I actually made the baked chicken and the veggie salad here plus the funny balloons! lol)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spices Health Benefits

I just copy paste this from yahoo health news

Fruit of the Capsicum annuum plant in the Solanaceae family, along with chile pepper.
Health Powers: Eliminates gas from the stomach and intestines; soothes sore throat, cold and flu symptoms; increases metabolism for weight control.
Daily Dose: Stir into a cup of hot chocolate or any sweet juice drink for a contrasting flavor kick.
Photo by Shutterstock.

Bark of a small evergreen tree.
Health Powers: Tames nausea and stomach ulcers; functions as a mild anti-inflammatory; increases insulin sensitivity to help focus fat burn.
Daily Dose: Stir into coffee/tea, yogurt, oatmeal or any boxed cereal.
Photo by Shutterstock.

Flower bud found at the base of an evergreen tree.
Health Powers: Soothes digestive tract muscles and is a potent antihistamine.
Daily Dose: Mix into your nightly ice cream treat or sneak into mustard spread.
Photo by Shutterstock.

Fruit of Myristica fragrans,an evergreen tree.
Health Powers: Improves digestion; eases the symptoms of menstruation; induces calm and sleep.
Daily Dose: Grate a small amount into applesauce or plain yogurt. (Note: It’s safe to grate the entire nut, which you can usually buy whole at the supermarket, but you never want to consume more than one nutmeg per day because too much of this potent spice can cause stomach pain, double vision and other uncomfortable reactions.)
Photo by Shutterstock.

Celery Seed
Seed of the Apium graveolens plant in the parsley family.
Health Powers: Flushes the liver of toxins; lowers blood pressure; combats water retention.
Daily Dose: Think salads—tuna, potato and egg all work—which can be tossed onto a bed of lettuce, eaten alone or spread onto bread.
Photo by iStockphoto.

Also known as cilantro; the leaves and seeds of the Coriandrum plant in the aromatic Apiaceae family.
Health Powers: Acts as a diuretic; eases seasonal allergies.
Daily Dose: Cook into couscous and quinoa, which you can store and eat with leftovers.
Photo by Shutterstock.

Seed of the Foeniculum plant in the aromatic Apiaceae family.
Health Powers: Calms bowel distress; supports milk production in nursing mothers; combats water retention.
Daily Dose: Add to canned minestrones and vegetable soups.
Photo by iStockphoto

Leaf of the Origanum plant in the mint family.
Health Powers: Loosens mucus; helps treat respiratory illnesses; and calms indigestion.
Daily Dose: Use in any tomato-based foods, like marinara sauces, pizza and soups.
Photo by Shutterstock.

Leaf of the Thymus plant in the mint family.
Health Powers: Relaxes the muscle tissue of the gastrointestinal tract; stimulates immune system.
Daily Dose: Toss into any meat-based dishes.
Photo by Shutterstock.

Root of the Circuma plant in the ginger family.
Health Powers: Reduces inflammation (joints, airways); detoxifies the liver.
Daily Dose: Mix in with oil-and-vinegar-based salad dressings.
Photo by Shutterstock.

Spices Health Benefits

I was on yahoo homepage and bump into this interesting yahoo health news and thought of sharing this with you too since this really got my attention!

Fruit of the Elettaria cardamomum plant in the ginger family.
Health Powers: Eases belching, flatulence and indigestion; treats respiratory conditions like coughing, asthma and loss of voice; aids in the elimination of toxins through your skin.
Daily Dose: Stir a few freshly ground pinches of cardamom pods into a shot of OJ or your morning fruit salad, or mix it with white or brown rice before you boil it.

to know more visit here: Yahoo health 

Sinigang na buto-buto

This is sinigang na buto-buto (don't know what's this called in english since this is a filipino food). One of my friend is pregnant with her first baby and the food she likes are mostly sour food, reasons why she like this and I think  this is her favorite dish at the moment. :)

Fried fish (Piniritong dalagang-bukid)

We've been eating fried fish since the day before yesterday until today, and most of the people in our house doesn't like it anymore specially my hubby who probably dreaming of some other dish while eating fish. lol!