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Monday, June 7, 2010

Party at our house :)

we have crab with coconut milk, grilled blue marlin, a roll of red ribbon chocolate cake, mixed vegetables, corn soup, orange fruit, rice and a wine or just a coke in a wine glass (lol!).
This was during valentines night 2010.
There were three couples in our house. Two were married and the other one are just dating/engage(?). We don't have enough money to go out for a date coz valentines is not that a bi deal with us. And so we decided to have a fancy dinner at our house.


mattscradle said...

Wow, though I don't eat crabs, may I have the Blue Marlin. I like it even though it is simply.mattscradle

imelda said...

wow i am now drooling. i miss eating them

reyapot said...

yummy yum yum!!!