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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cypress Trees

When I was in Ontario. I love to look at houses surrounded with tress. These houses are so amazing and they looked like mansions or a tiny palace inside a beautiful garden of trees.
There was this one time when our friend and her dad brought us to Niagara Falls and coming back home was no easy trip because of a jammed traffic. My friend's dad who knows some road that's less traveled  maybe because  some people don't know about it and it's quite a long drive.
 And since our only problem was the traffic so went to that way.
Wow! we passed by a lot of very amazing places... some place I never thought exist! It was a very tremendous view indeed.
Here are some sample on how to put or design your cypress tree if you had one. Places like this I have seen in my trips too.

Guy kneeling beside a potted Italian Cypress Shrub

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