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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gifts (birthday and christmas)

With Christmas is coming soon like a signal number three typhoon and so it my heart and mind is being stormed by thoughts of what to gift my family,godchildren and friends as well. There were even times that I want to hold back the time to June so that i can still have ample time to save and earn. Yet, there is nothing I can do now since it's 50 days before Christmas already, and this count down is driving me crazy.

I felt like I needed to give Christmas gifts since I don't give gift on birthdays specially to family co'z I know they are expecting. Good thing my girlfriends are  not expecting anything from me co'z they are able people, they definitely can afford the things they want. All they want is... friends would come on their birthdays co'z it's one thing that made us come together and have fellowship. So, whenever a friend's birthday is coming soon, we make it a point that we tell what food we're going to bring.  And as for me I see to it that I can cook food to brought as my  girlfriend birthday gifts.
The Road Between Friends Afghan Throw

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