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Monday, November 7, 2011

Good health is necessary these days

Having a four months old baby in the house is no easy thing to do. It's fun and exciting but not an easy thing. With all the waking up very early in the morning and not to mention that you also get up every after hour to check if her diaper is still okay or her back is not perspiring  or she will wake up for food or wake you up just for companionship.

During the day time with her sleeping and you want to sleep as well but just can't because you need to do the laundry, wash the dishes, clean the house, prepare meals, tidy up yourself or do blogging and facebook. Your time is so valuable and very short unlike in the old days where you have all your time to yourself. Well.. anyways,  in the midst of these chaos busyness, I still praise God co'z having my baby is the most wonderful thing that ever happen to me and one best gift from the Lord aside from having a great hubby.

Having a really good... good health is very.. very  important these days for me and hubby. We cannot afford to get sick with our baby around. Though back pain visits us every now and then, we try to get the best back pain relief ever so that the pain will go away till another health problems arises. Coughs and colds visits our family of three more often too because of the climate change (giving blame to the climate change), and these visitors are really stubborn because it stays longer no matter how we drives it away.

Now, I putting my faith with regards of my health issues with the best of meds   and amazing health problem solution and I try to eat healthy to get fit as well. But one thing I really does when things get worst is prayer. I really prayed hard for the good health of my family :)

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