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Friday, February 10, 2012

Investing for a rice plant...

We were out from our house for three days and that means I was with friends. Yeah! We were in the city for three days and was hanging out with friends and their kids. Ooh goodness... there is no more tiring than looking after 2 one...yish year old boys, a  four year old girl and a seven month old baby. These was the most tiring day of my life. I actually came home last night soo tired and went to bed straight forgetting about my baby. She did not slept with us, her tita took care of her. I just found out this morning when I woke up and I did not found my baby. (scary feeling!).

My friend has told me about investing in a rice plant, for every thousand pesos you gave-you'll get a sack of rice from it. She encourages me to invest so that we'll earn maybe not that much though but still there is money coming to us in three months. I am interested about this income source but also thinking of what keep this investment not to succeed and of course all I could think is.. is there enough irrigation in the farm that would help the rice plant nourish and grow healthy so that it can produce for grain? or are they using coolant pump to get more water for the plant specially now that summer is almost here.

Anyways... I am still investing though even some not soo good things are being  a threat. I'll put my trust in the Lord believing He'll make things possible for us.

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spiky said...

agriculture in pinas still lays on the rocks. i sympathize to those rice farmers. sana naman magawan ng paraan ni Pnoy yan. :)