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Monday, February 20, 2012

laundry and me

I am excited for Friday co'z hubby and I of course with our beautiful baby Z will be heading North for our church evangelistic concert at one of our church there. Hubby will be playing with the band and so we goes. Actually hubby with the band or not I really would like to go. I saw on picture how beautiful the place is. It's on a beach and the place is very scenic.

One thing aside from being to be part of this activity... I want to bring my baby on the beach so that she could breath fresh salty air. So now.. I need to get ready and need to pack up specially my baby's needs. I haven't got the courage to do our laundry though co'z thinking of it makes me tired. I need to lift pails of water to put in the washing machine co'z we don't have a water hose.  My mother-in-law actually told me that we need to buy a hose and hearing of the word hose makes me think of an industrial rubber hose, those the fireman use.  I wish there is a small one I could get for my washing machine.

Well.. with the hose or none I still need to do my laundry. I wish that someday I get an automatic mashing machine that even though I do my online works I still can do the laundry.

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