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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beef patty with cheese and mushroom sauce

I was watching "kusina master" this morning and got really interested that chief boy was making a beef patty with cheese and mushroom sauce. It's very easy to do, in fact I don't need to see a recipe to do it.  If I only have a ground beef and a cheese I might do that for dinner, but since I don't have the ingredients I will just blog it here anyway to remind me that I need to make this someday :))

(for the beef patty)
ground beef, onion,  grated cheese, egg, flour, salt and pepper, oil

Combine all ingredients,  then grease a pan with oil and fry the patty till it brown cook.

(for the sauce)
chop mushroom, flour, salt and pepper, water.

Saute' mushroom, add flour, add water then seasoned with salt and pepper, let it simmer for two minutes, and set aside till you needed it.

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