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Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Job for sisters

I was chatting with my friend a while ago about our works, family, ministry at our church, school fees and life of our dears ones. As I was talking to her I just can't resist telling her about my sister in law desire to apply a full scholarship and hoping she'll get accepted in a prestigious school. But my mom in-law is just being skeptic about the idea, she seems lost hope of a good future for her children. I can't help myself but feel annoyed towards such reaction, reason I told it to my friend to release some negative feelings.

I do  believe that when a person finishes a college degree also means that he or she has a good future, specially in today's time where a person needs to be good to be competitive, has a good educational attainment to get accepted in jobs with good pays. My sister is in her third year in college taking up office management. I hope and pray though that she is indeed studying hard as she have said so that she'll have a good future.

My sister in law`is in her last year in high-school and is figuring out what course she'll have to take in college, I  probably would suggest that take an engineering course, so that she'll be able to grab good job opportunities such like entry level engineering jobs that not only promises good pays but also in high demands specially abroad. Please don't get me wrong if I want my sister in law get an outside the country the job opportunity because all of her younger life her mom worries of what where she could get the food to be serve in the next meal time.  I just want them to experience a good life!

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