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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Online Business

I am starting to do business again, I mean after selling ice-candy last summer that did not click well because of so many people doing it so I stopped the small business and instead switched to making embutido and it is for sale as well. I have delivered eleven pieces today to some people which made me so happy.

How I really wish that I'm enrolled to some online business degree so that it could help me more to make my small business grow big. Although I finishes a business degree in college but I don't get the chance to do any real business reason why I forgot all that I have studied. I was not able to exercise what I have learnt because went into different direction that instead of becoming a business woman I instead I become a missionary which I'm thankful that I did.

With the booming online business nowadays I am actually thinking that what if  I have made myself into business before, is there any possibilities that I could an online business now? I don't probably yes and probably no as well. Well I'm for sure assume that those having online businesses are also doing an online business degree because there is no way they could make it to the top without advance knowledge in doing their business. :)

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Online Home Inspector said...

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