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Monday, June 13, 2011

Backyard hot tubs for rainy days

Honestly, summer has passed and rainy days are here and yet it felt that summer has not gone yet because I've never been to any beach nor does picnic in a shore or went swimming in a pool. All I did was lie down in my couch and day dreamed and actually still does it. I don't know summer went away without telling me its going. Reasons why I'm still holding on to it, still telling my friends lets go to the beach.

But how could it happen these days, specially it's typhoon season already and school is in its reaping off almost everybody's wallet. How could my beach getaway with friends happen when everything are not pointing in such direction. I felt like I have waste my two months summer away.

So now, I'm here wishing  I'm somewhere in a backyard hot tubs lying down and relaxing chatting with friends and holding a glass of wine. Whew, someone has to wake me up because I'm day dreaming again. I actually wishing and dreaming  that I have a backyard with a swimming pool in it where I could swim and swim and swim. Now, I wish I'm rich!

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