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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'll Gonna have this (wishing though)

I am definitely  a homemaker. I love being home with my baby, I love doing household stuff, I love cooking food for my hubby. I'm in love with nice couches, beds, tables and chairs, household equipment and kitchen stuff. Whenever I would visit a mall or a department store I would always take a look at the kitchen's wares and household stuff.

I just hope that when our house is done, hubby and I will be able to get cashmere throw for my couch.  I am really wishing hard just now that I'll be able to get the online job I am thinking of applying of so that I'll have extra income cause extra income means I can buy the things I like. Also, I need extra cash to buy my baby a crib :)

PillowsJungle Song  by Sferra

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