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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wishing upon...

In-laws was at our house last night almost all of them actually minus hubby's dad.  They came to visit our daughter. They were here at dinner time and they were planning to call chowking for a delivery, but since I cooked beefsteak, they instead bought an ice cream for dessert and did not call for food delivery anymore.

While they were here we talked about loads of stuff that we want to buy for my daughter like a crib and a stroller. I hope and pray though that I be able to pass the job online that I am going to apply later today.  We really need to have those things for her at least next month, specially now that she's getting older and bigger, it's hard to carry her anymore.

One more reason why I needed this online job is... because I am praying to buy a car at least next year. I want to save money to buy a second hand car. I don't a brand new one this time cause it cost a lot of money, at least a second hand one is not that expensive, though we need to pay a little extra for over hauling and other repairs. We probably need to have it painted new and buy new tires and rims too. I know this wouldn't be that expensive as with the new one, anyways we just need four new tires and four new rims and not 20 rims because we will be getting four wheels and not twenty as of that of a truck.

I pray that God hears my prayer and indeed grant the desires of my heart. :)

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