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Saturday, April 21, 2012


*Friends just went home: they came home with us yesterday evening  and stayed for the night co'z they missed their God daughter whom they haven't seen for a long time.

*I'm about to take shower again co'z I feel really hot and sweaty (not to mention though that I just had my shower like three hours ago and now I want to do it again).

*Is craving for a chicken joy. So hubby and his sister went to buy a bucket of it for dinner. My tummy is grumbling as I wrote this post.

*Lara (sister in-law) just got back for doing a scholarship test in TIP. Now, we are really hoping and praying that the result will bring good news. Without the scholarship, sister in-law will not able to continue a college degree. She hope she'll able to pass the Accountancy full scholarship from TIP. Accountancy was not really her first choice of course nor the nursing course even though wearing a nursing uniforms is really a fashion, but she applied for accountancy scholarship anyway, in hope that she'll able to get the full scholarship.

*My body is aching specially my back part. I really feel that I need a good whole body massage. I just don't know though when this thing would happen.


Rocks said...

ang daya! bakit wala na kami saka nag chicken joy :D hehe!!

Up Close said...

hahahaha. di natuloy. walang naiuwi na chicken joy.