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Sunday, April 15, 2012

College friends reunion

The hubbiness and yours truly met up with college mates last night at Robinson's Place Manila. We haven't seen each other for a long time and in fact the last time we saw each other was at my wedding almost four years ago, but one of them we saw six years ago.Last night  feels just like one of those college days we have. We really haven't change that much, we only look older and maturer, but our attitude towards each other didn't change at all.

We went to Racks restaurant for dinner and we ordered a food package for 6 courtesy by Juber my friend who just came from Dubai. The food was great and also the fellowship and the great loud laughs we have. We almost not able to consume all the food co'z there were loads. They even teased my sexy hubby because he was the only thin person among us six people. My friends even pleaded him to eat more so to help us not to eat more which was very funny.

It got me thinking though the negative and positive effect of being thin and chubby. When you are in the minus size people make fun of you when you are around plus size people, and its the same thing when you are a plus size and around the minus size. How I wish hubby could indeed do some working and some myotest as a supplement to bring his body to the next level. Lol! 

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Rocks said...

kaya pala wala kayo ha? :) I thought we're gonna visit foodchain for Z's birthday? when are we doing that?