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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hubby and his gadget-ey!

Hubby and his band is doing progress when talking about their music recording. I never knew that it takes ages to do music records, it's never an easy thing specially when you want quality. Having Richie (a guy name) and Paul (another guy name) lol! to help the band starts it recording is indeed a blessing from heaven. After ten years of waiting and praying to make this thing happen, and living in it now is indeed another dream fulfillment. God is indeed alive and working to grant us our dreams.

Hubby on the other hand is (I don't know how to call it) busy cleaning, wiping, polishing his guitars and is always eager to go to Paul's house for the recording. I never seen hubby so happy after this "meeting-Paul and Richie-plus-music recording" thing. May it be early or late coming home from recording... hubby is always has loads of amazing stories to tell. I hope though that he would try using  hagerty silver polish for his guitars so that he wouldn't be spending all his times holding, examining, polishing his guitar co'z it rocked me to my core and yelled at him (soo annoying!).

Anyways, the band together with their wives (not that the band has many wives, but what I mean is.. the band member wife.. just stressing it. lol!) are all excited for this coming Sunday Night... co'z it's mean recording time again. :) We are all excited to visits Paul and his wife and their house and of course we are excited to see Bernard too.

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