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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recipe's, Cooking, and Life

I am not a pro chef but I do love to cook in my own special way. I probably a chef in my hubby's co'z I'm the one who always cook. Hubby would go hungry if I'm not in the house, reason why every dish I make seems all good with him. I cooked fish and veggies the last and I know that it would the last thing that would hubby will have, but since he had no choices and hungry, he did ate a bunch of it, then told his siblings that it was good (it made me smile).

This fish and vegetable recipe is the most least like of all my recipes (both of hubby and his siblings), but actually if you have to ask me if I like it, I could look at you in the eyes and say... yes! I  love it. I love fish and I love veggies, but I seldom cook it co'z there's always loads of left overs whenever I do.  Then it would take days to ate it. Good thing though hubby's mom eat fish, and she is the one who ate leftovers food.

Right now, I feel like baking chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies, chocolate brownies or anything about chocolates. It's not that I'm a chocoholic kind of person because I am not, I'm inspired by the chocolate cake that sister in-law for her birthday last night. I  soo love it that I want more of it. Ii promise myself that when the we're through of paying some credit this year, I definitely will buy a new oven next year. I just can't buy one this time because I have no space to place it.  I can wait.

My cooking style and some of my recipes are posted in her though, and in fact one friend of mine who lives in Canada told me once that he would visit my blog time after time to see some Filipino-day-to-day recipe where he could cook at home. I am glad as well as worried that he might not able to do it co'z I used local names of the fish and veggies that I use co'z I have no idea what it's "American name" if there is. But anyways, He told me, he was able to try cooking some of my recipes.

Sometimes life is like cooking your favorite recipe, you thought you have cooked it right but it came out not the right taste expected. Sometimes its tastier than the first but most of the time though... you get disappointed on how it turn out. Yet... with all of  my cooking experience, I found out that it's all boils on how your heart feels. The cooking may turn out not good but when your heart is right... everything will turn out just very fine :).

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