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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In pursuit of a Coriander

Last night hubby and I went from one supermarket to the other looking for a coriander but did not find any. So out of my curiosity I went to the internet and googled it. Then to my surprised, I found out that I knew what it is just in different name "Cilantro" goodness! name is really important it varies from place to place.

"Organic coriander powder generally known as "Dhania" is cultivated for centauries. Coriander is considered both an herb and a spice since both its leaves and seeds are used as seasoning condiment. Organic coriander was originally introduced from Asia, Egyptians and then to the Europeans, as an aromatic stimulant and spice. Great Ayurvedic physicians, Hippocrates and other Greek physicians in digestive formularies employed it. Fresh coriander leaves are more commonly known as cilantro and bear a strong resemblance to Italian flat leaf parsley since they belong to the same plant family Umbelliferae."

This is a coriander or cilantro


Cacai M. said...

Oi coriander diay pod ni'ng cilantro diay.. karon pa ko kabalo.. thanks for sharing this sis.. muahhh!

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