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Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's Final

Six months ago he told us that those who are receiving a monthly allowances will no longer get any because of cross cutting thing-y. So hubby and I prayed about it and let God be God to our needs. Months after months hubby's allowance was still on, and we were very much thankful. But the time has finally and he won't get any allowance from the office starting this month.

Honestly, we area bit worried because the amount hubby gets part a big part of our monthly budget, and now that it's gone only the Lord knows where on earth we would get it. But I have faith that He will never leave us-even in this time of financial struggles. I know He will help us keep us through. If I could only do a payday loan without worrying how I could pay it after I might have done it.

Hopefully the saying that goes "when God closes doors, He will open many windows". I hope that the Lord will open may windows of financial opportunities with us. :)

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