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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Farmers and Pumps

With the arising need of financial assistance, I am now thinking of ways to bring more income to the house. One thing that I think of is lending money to my relatives in the province to help them with the farming in exchange of sacks of rice when harvest season comes. One thing though that keeps me is... I'm afraid that since I am a relative... they might not take it seriously and would spend the money but not giving it back to me. I don't know, relatives are hard to trust sometimes because they know that I will just forgive them when they mess up.

Irrigation in the province is doing good to the farmer actually but when summer comes and drought visible in the land irrigation is not enough, some farmer uses pumps to water their plants. My family and relatives doesn't have one because it's expensive. If I could afford one someday, I might get goulds pumps at for them, but as of now I won't say anything or promise anything to them because I'm afraid I might disappoint them when I can't fulfill my promise. It's hard to disappoint keens, when burns deep when they're hurt.

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