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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gadgets: GPS

RAND MCNALLY INTELLIROUTE TND 710 TRUCK GPS - 7 INCH HD SCREENMy friend's dad is a truck driver, and his dad drove really big truck, eighteen wheeler  if I'm not mistaken.  He actually should it to us and let hubby try to drove it a little. It was both fun and scary to see my man driving that beast truck.  Seeing loads of trucks in the long wide road made me asked a question to them (the setting was when we were in Canada, sorry for not stating) if the owner of the truck and its goods could still know where the truck is or  if they just trust the driver would bring the goods to its destination and bring back the truck to them again.  I also wonder if the know where they are going when they brought these goods to places with only an address at hand. I wonder as well if they have more than one gps or wonder which truck gps is really reliable if they have many. ( I really don't know... just wondering).

Well... me and my innocence (or probably I;m just too naive about such things, don't blame me co'z we don't have those here in my place). It's just amazes me to the max when I saw this small tv look like on the car dashboard. I though it was a little television until they told me it's a gps and not a television. Funny me I know... but I do believe that in God's time when He will grant me a car, I know that He will add a gps gadget as well :).

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