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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Printed t-shirts

I visited my godchild four days ago before my little girl and I come back home. Can't believe how he'd grown tall for just over two weeks that we haven't seen each other. He's only eleven moths old and fifteen days but his height belongs to a two year old. Couldn't believe it how this little boy have grown so fast. The little boy knows how to make face as well and almost doesn't recognize me and baby Z.

I took care of him when his mom prepare lunch for us. Well, he doesn't like it really having looked over by others. He wanted his mom alone. I carried him so that he could looked and see what's his mom doing. As I brought him to the kitchen I noticed this small two t-shirt that has print that says "my granddad is awesome and he will give me an ipad", and the  other says "my grandmom is awesome and she will give me and ipad too"! Simply awesome babies t-shirt, I like it!

I myself has  a lot of Bible verses printed t-shirt, and I can go for more than two weeks wearing such t-shirts without repeating what I have wore already. I have that loads and I love them all. It's my friends business reasons I have them and I have loads. I love t-shirts with prints on as long as it's not foulmouthshirts for funny t-shirts co'z I'm just not a fan of it. But I love t-shirts like the one below :)

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