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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sunglasses collection

Prada Sunglasses SPR12H in rose / amberMom-in-law and I were talking about her friend  who would put her sunglasses on even though she'll just sweep the dry leaves on her yard early in the morning. Don't get us wrong though... the reason why she happen to tell me that because she saw my little girl trying to get mommy's sunglasses. Well, here in our place you just don't do that, I mean its just not normal seeing people sweeping yard with sunglasses unless if they're trying to make an statement with her neighbors :)

I actually has a collection of cheap sunglasses when I was single and younger. I have several of them in various colors and shapes. I just love having it on. Friends would remember me with the sunglasses on my head just like this picture of my team below.

This is my team
you can find me with the shades I have on my head :)

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