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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Truly.. a hassle

Just got a text from friend  asking me if their electricity bill from last month have arrived already.  I text back telling her it did a few days ago but told her that it's just today that I got chance to tell her. While talking to her through text, her new house came to my mind and I remember the mess, the not tiled floor, the no curtain yet windows and the scratched new paint wall due to the almost not to fit huge big bed frame they have on the door. In fact we have to take off the door from the butt hinges just to bring their stuff inside. It was a challenged then for friends who helped moved to put all their stuff  inside.

So thinking of all those things made me say something not quite good to her (like.. "you should have made that house ready first to move in before moving in.") It probably offended her co'z she did not text me back anymore. She probably is thinking that I  questioned their decision of moving into right away. Actually it's none of my business to intervene, but as a friend, I think it's just right to voice out my thoughts co'z I see the hassle  it gives her and she even feel like not liking the house, and thinking that it's your permanent house and you didn't like living in it is a horrible feeling. At least if she and her husband made it good to live in  first before moving in, she might  have had love it.

She's now actually asking me to visit her, but the thing is... I can't co'z because of the distance we have, I  just can't go visit her without hubby taking me and my baby there :(

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