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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All about hubby's "handa" on his b-day!

Our friends came to celebrate with us on hubby's b-day, and each couple bring a food with them. There was lots of food courtesy of friends.
We really thank the Lord giving us friends who really cares.
Thank you dear Lord.

Aside from these food, we also have other food which was not included in the picture
that's given by our friends still. Food like ice cream (thanks to J-mie and Von) and 
munchkin donut (from Jomer).

punch (from Reggie and Jiji)

Pizza (from Ramon and Jemai)

Bake Mac (our handa but our friend J-mie taught me to do it.)

b-day cake (from ate Rocks and Dolf)

Spring rolls (this is our handa talaga)!

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