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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bake Mac Making

Basic Ingredients are:
1kl. Macaroni
1 kl. ground beef
5 med. pack tomato sauce
3 can of mushroom soup
1 big can Evaporated milk
3 bar of cheese
1 broth cubes
1 tbs butter/2 tbs flour

In another pan cook the noodles.
saute' garlic and onions in a pan, add the ground beef. when beef is cooked add tomato sauce, salt and pepper and cheese. simmer for 10 minutes and set aside. mix with noodles when done.
Put the mushroom soup and evaporated milk in another pan, add broth cubes and  flour and let it simmer for 5 minutes then set aside.

Put a little of mushroom soup in the pan as base, then put a layer of noodles and on top of this put some mushroom soup and repeat procedure in the other layer, then on the top the las layer put a lot of cheese. Then bake for 8 minutes at number 3.  

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yoxx said...

i will try... look like delicious ;)