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Monday, May 31, 2010

me :)

I enjoyed cooking... a lot!
So I ignored the thought of tiredness and other physical uncomfort when I cooked till' the day is over and all is left with me is a strength as thin as a thread!
I've been cooking for two consecutive days for ministry purposes. Last Saturday we have a "back to school hygiene day" and I volunteered myself to cook for the kids snacks and the volunteers food for lunch. I know it was so tiring but it gives me joy. And the following day was Sunday and we organized a fund raising for a mission touch trip, its an "Acoustic dinner for a cause" and I cooked 5 type of dish! whew! never thought I could make it! Thank the Lord for giving me my hubby as my partner and some other help from friends.
Now... I praise God for all the success He gave to us!
To Him all the glory!


supermommyjem said...

oh lalala sarap ng food! More power to your blog!

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