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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trees, leaves and blower

Hubby got a chance to raked some leaves during falls time when we were in Canada last year. I was not able to because I was busy with some stuff inside the house of our host. I was overwhelmed to see it for it was loads of leaves. If I have to do it, i might do it the whole fall season. Our host laughed at hubby who was excited doing the raking thing because his kids just despise doing it.

With loads of leaves on their yard and lawns really need some professional raker's i think because doing it by yourselves is really exhausting unless you use a redmax blowers and made your life sweet and easy. With blowers is it very easy to blow the leaves into corners to put it into trash bags rather  than gathering with a rake unless you really want to tone your bugles and do it as your work out thing-y so that you won't have go to the gym anymore. 

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