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Monday, April 11, 2011

My recipe did not turn out right :(

I was thinking of making pork humba since the other day. Pork Humba is a  dish delicacy from the Visayas and Mindanao part. Granddad used to make this when I was small. He will just put it in a sealed glass container and we won't eat it till we run out of "ulam".

My pork humba looks like adobo. hahahahaha
So I won't putting my recipe here yet. I will find out first how to really do it so that I could give you the right recipe. Anyways, the pork taste good still, so i don't need to worry for hubby's food for lunch today because I know that he will still love my cooking. :)

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J-mie said...

yah, let's exchange recipe. I've tried cooking humba na... but with the help of Von's visayan friend. Haven't tried cooking it on my own. Let's have a "learning-how-to-cook-humba" fellowship with Jomer. :D