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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monggo Beans with ground beef

I've been wanting to cook this dish since last week and I thought I could finally do it the other day when hubby came back from and told me that he came home early because he's getting me and we will stay in Makati  for the night. So there was nothing I can do but agreed with hubby and put the monggo ingredients back in the fridge.

Now that I'm back I will definitely do it today.

Here's how:

Boil monggo beans until it's cook (when it boils and the water turns green, you have to throw it first then add more water till it cooked).  Saute ground beef (you can try ground pork as well) with garlic and  onions. Then add the cooked monggo beans and let it simmer until the beef is cook. Add pepper and salt as you may like for the taste. Good if served hot.

Monggo beans, ground pork or beef, garlic, onions, pepper, salt and oil.

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