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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Youth and Billiards

Whenever I went to my church I always saw a young people hanging around in there. Seeing them makes me remember the old times where I was still very young and part of the youth group of my church.  Our church missionary house was our hang-out place, we'll just leave that place whenever it's time for us to go home.

The mission centre serves as our meeting place as well whenever our group would like to do something outside such as; food tripping at wendy's, kfc or mcdonald. We also play billiards at the nearby billiard place. It sad to say though  that in spite of those times I never learn how to really play it. All I did was watched and cheer and hand them the billiards supplies whenever they needed them. What a life! I became my friends personal billiard caddy thing-y!

But now life is different and a little complicated, going to the billiard place never came to mind anymore. All our hang-outs now are more on coffee house, restaurants, each others house and of  course the undying mission's centre.

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