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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tele-drama and DNA Testing

As I watched "prime time" tele-novelas on a favorite channel, I can't helped myself from being affected from what happen with the drama programs that I watched.  I can't help but react to the drama. Its crazy to think though that I felt bad about the main character if he's being bullied or being hurt or something.

On one of the tele-drama program; there was this kid that has been separated from her rich parent for along time and was adopted by a poor gay teacher. I was thinking on how could she ever be reconnected with her parents anymore now that things are so complicated.

Well  if this happens in real life only through DNA testings that has been conducted by dna experts of course a parent and a child be reconnected again. Things like this really helps a lot specially with crime cases and other family legal matters.

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