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Monday, July 25, 2011

Money and Soul

Got this from my church sunday bulletin article:

Cost of Money
by: Connie Hinnen Cook

How much did your money cost you?
Was the ladder of wealth hard to climb?
Did you stage some attacks,
Perhaps stab a few backs.
Did it take all your effort, your time?

How much did your money cost you?
Was your home full of peace or unrest?
At the close of the day,
Could you honestly say;
That you've given your family your best?

Did you have a nice home?
Did you drive a fine car?
Now you're sis feet below.
Will it get you that far?

How much did your money cost you?
Was that paycheck your only reward?
All those hours of pulling strings,
Just to buy you more things.
But no time for the things for the Lord.

How much you money cost you?
Did you look in  the mirror with pride?
Or did greed run a muck?
For that almighty buck?
Till you put your conscience aside?
Did it cost your soul?
Did you dawdle in sin?

Now your outside of heaven, can you bribe your way in?

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