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Friday, July 6, 2012

Beads and accessories!

I have a box full of  beads and accessories. I just don't wear it co'z I don't go anywhere a lot and my baby would just pull it  from me. There was this one time when I wore a bracelet to church and my baby played with it while we were at the bus. She kept on pulling it until it  breaks and the beads scattered on the bus floor. Then if she sees that I have earrings on my ears, she would climb up to me to get that thing on my ear. So now... I just stopped wearing any accessories aside from my wedding ring.

Well women are born to wear accessories I think co'z its always good to have a charm bracelet dangling on your wrist. I actually have a few bracelet that again I don't wear these days. maybe when my baby get older I might wear those again.

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