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Friday, July 20, 2012

Friends and houses

..with my friend Jiji's house since yesterday. My daughter Ziah and I went there for a sleepover since our Daddy was not coming home last night. I had some fun because I was with a friend and it really feels good to have a girl friend who is near. We cooked, we ate, watched tv, did some long chat about life in general (our lives) and a lot of other girly stuff.

We both love to decorate our house (our way). hahaha. So every now and then we talked about what we're gonna do first, buy first, renovate first with our house. She told me she would install cabinets soon, while as for me I told her that I might buy an oven first early even without the house first so that by the time we move we have a new one already. Well, I might also needs some strapping tools for whatever purpose it may serve me as I pack and unpack my thing for moving and settling.

I hope and pray that God will give us favor and grants us our hearts desires.

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