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Saturday, July 28, 2012


I'm watching a program on tv today and I can't help myself wondering how much these celebrities get every tv appearances specially with the commercials or advertisement they make. I wonder if... I'm the one in their shoes how much would I earn, what would I do with my money, would I still help the people I'm helping at the moment , and would I still care with the people I care today?

One thing for sure though that I will do is get a life insurance for myself and for my family specially that life insurance without physical or no medical exam. How I really wish I can get my dad and my pastor a life insurance. You probably could understand why I want to get one for my dad but probably is wondering about getting one for my pastor. Well... some pastors are being neglected. They kept on working for the church and for the people but no one really sees their personal needs.

I really wish I earn more so that I could help more.

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