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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Annoying but most loved Team

My team is sometimes crazy, funny, lovely, amazing and annoying, but no matter what I just love to b in this team. I've been with this people  for quite sometimes or to make details most of them I knew since first day of my LJBC member life. To depart from them means heart aches. They are not just a teammate, they are family.
My team is composed of different characteristic from different individual. Sometimes we find it hard to understand the other but do it anyway because thats what team means.. bearing each other flaws.
I am probably known as one stubborn person in the team, my hubby is the gentle one (that if he quarrel's someone... that someone will be accused of quarreling him instead. lol!) I also have another teammates who is always busy but actually is not... she just thought she is.
Without each one of us our team will never be the same again.

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